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.Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D., Ph.D.

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The personal page of an innovative environmental
leadership scientist-counselor-ecopsychologist-traditional musician-naturalist who, in 1965, identified through multiple sense unifying connections that Planet Earth and its people were a singular, in communication, living organism  as depicted, but only in fantasy, by Pandora and the Na'vi 45 years later in the film AVATAR.

Cohen designed camp, school and degree programs around his 1965 discovery. He has been identified as a maverick genius who founded the process of Expedition Education in 1968 and initiated Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN),  Natural Attraction Ecology(NAE),  Organic Psychology and the Natural Systems Thinking Process using 54 natural attraction senses as self-evidence that affirm Albert Einstien's Grand Unification Field Theory.   Learn about him from a new free online DVD video and his origins and history in nature-connected learning. You may discover that he is you and you are him.

"Through my parent's love for each other and me, I was born in the womb of Planet Earth and its natural attraction to continually nurture my life. 

Earth is my other body. I know this because when I ask myself, “Who would I be if somebody/thing, took my Earth body away from me” I feel loss, anguish, pain and despair, like holding my breath too long. This urges me to help others use ECHN to enjoy Planet Earth as their other body and increase its/their well-being. Maybe you understand, does this Video make sense to you?

Earth and I are an inseparable unity in nature's non-literate dance of the eons. However, society addicted me to relate to Earth through its nature-conquering stories and literacy while Earth remained non-literate.  I have been in recovery, and help others recover, from that conflict ever since its destructive results confronted me.

To our loss, most of us learn to sense our nature-disconnected conquest of Earth as 'normal' along with the suffering it creates, in and around us. I have created a free antidote for this delusion."

- Michael J. Cohen     

"By scientifically validating the unifying nature of our restorative natural attraction sensations and feelings today, we recognize that these sensory parts of us have been present since their creation during the history of the Earth. Our person and personality are living history museums of the world. The list of senses could probably be arranged chronologically and document the growth and development of our living planet. We each contain, personify and continue it."

(Cohen,1995 Reconnecting With Nature, p. 139, )

"By not incorporating natural attraction in his deliberations, Albert Einstein was limited and unable to "prove" or demonstrate his Grand Unification Theory with Physics and mathematical equations. He seemed unaware that his heroic desire, self-defense and attempts to do this was actually "Grand Unification" expressing itself in and through him, moment by moment. Our challenge, as was Einstein's is to let our natural attraction sensations help us act in conjunction with the self-evident, unifying properties of Nature rather than attach ourselves to our contradicting and limited stories along with their detrimental results."

(Cohen, 2012 New Copernican Revolution

Explore Cohen's New Copernican Revolution and his compelling arguments about the origins and history of how the dance of nature and its flow work, about and within us. Discover how the dance produces the perfections of its organic paradise on Earth. Learn how Cohen identifies the special gifts that nature and spirit have given us to enjoy the rewards of nature's paradise and its self-correcting ways.

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"When Nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Recipient of the 1994 Distinguished World Citizen Award, Applied
Ecopsychologist Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D., is a Program Director of the
Institute of Global Education where he coordinates its Integrated Ecology
Department and Project NatureConnect.  He also serves on the faculty of
Portland State University and the Akamai University Institute of
Applied Ecopsychology whose program he initiated and has directed since
1990.  In 1965, Dr. Cohen discovered that Planet Earth acted like a living
organism and based on this he founded sensory, Gaia based, degree granting
Environmental and Expedition Education outdoor programs independently and
for the National Audubon Society and Lesley University.  He conceived the
1985 National Audubon International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living
Organism," at the University of Massachusetts and established the science of
Natural Attraction Ecology in 2008.  He is the Editor of the Journal of
Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology and an award winning
author of ten books dealing with Applied Ecopsychology including "Educating,
Counseling and Healing With Nature," "The Web Of Life Imperative,"
"Reconnecting With Nature" and, new, "The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power."  Dr. Cohen is also an accomplished folk song artist and contra dancer who presents traditional music programs using guitar, banjo and accordion for the U.S. National Park Service  (Volunteer of the Year award 2009) and as awarded Song Master for the San Juan Island Grange.

A video about his lifework may be viewed at

Listen to an audio interview about his here

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What is special about Natural Attraction Ecology?

What are Natural Attractions?
Waste, Transformation & Recycling in Nature

How did you discover the 53 senses?

What song conveys Natural Attraction Ecology?


- Michael J. Cohen

Empirically, moment by moment, I sensually register ultimate scientific truths that neither I, nor anyone else, can deny.  For example, my senses convey that I am writing and reading these words right now. It is an indisputable fact that you are reading them right now, too. Even if the U.S. Congress along with the National Science Foundation and God declared that this is not happening, it would make little difference to me and I would question their motives. My senses tell me that I am doing what I'm doing. It's true. If I can't trust them, what can I trust? What god could convince me, or you, otherwise?

Similarly, I enjoy my innate abilty to recognize that as I follow my attractions to eat, drink and breathe, nature's dance is attracted to flow in, through and out of me in a good way, meaning to the benefit of all parts of the web-of-life.

My natural senses in natural areas register that nature-earth, the universe and myself are a living attraction to life, a dance that beautifully organizes itself and grows in attractive, self-correcting, non-polluting ways. This heightened sensitivity to nature helped me recognize in 1965 that Planet Earth was a living organism and, in 1982, that the Higgs Boson would be found to be original natural attraction in action, the scientific essence of our universe being held together as the unification field that Albert Einstein predicted. He could not demonstrate it, as I have, via his equations because
they omitted the role of natural attraction as senses, sensation and sensibility. 

I believe that since the beginning of time, moment by moment, each part and particle of the natural world, including you and me, is the natural attraction essence of nature's dance manifesting the perfection of its self-satisfying communications, transformations
and consciousness. The only difference between it and us is that it has given us a special sense of literacy so I am literate and Earth/Nature is not. I have observed, accredited and warranty that no one has yet to scientifically demonstrate otherwise.

I love nature because I am
engaged in how it's dance loves itself into becoming a more attractive next moment in time and space. Only when my consciousness loses my attraction contact with my Other Body (Earth/Nature) and I forget that I naturally love it makes me different from it. The point source of most problems is that in its undeclared war against Nature, Industrial Society has hurtfully commandeered most of our natural senses and addicted them to its false "We must conquer our other body self (Earth/Nature) to survive" dogma.

The re-connective sensory delights of educating, counseling and healing with nature enable me, at will, to sustain genuine contact with the attractive essence of the natural world, backyard or backcountry, learn its/my truth from it and help others do the same as part of their life and livelihood.


My Special Anniversary Year, 2015

My eighty-fifth Cultural birthday and the 4.5 billionth + 5 birthday of my natural life on Earth, as I know it to be.

The 3.7 billionth year of my aliveness as UNEH, the attractive dance of our living Universe/Nature/Earth/Humanity

My seventieth year as an Outdoor and Environmental Educator.

The thirtieth anniversary of my

  • founding of Project NatureConnect
  • being identified as a "maverick genius" and as "The reincarnation of Henry David Thoreau as a psychologist."
  • creation of the National Audubon Society International Symposium Is the Earth a Living Organism?
  • final year of my original appointment as administration and faculty of Institute of Global Education/World Peace University

Fifty-fifth anniversary of my founding Trailside Outdoor Programs and the process of Expedition Education, the original pilot program and curriculum of the National Audubon Society Expedition Education Institute at Lesley University.

Forty-fifth anniversary of my observation in a Grand Canyon thunderstorm that Planet Earth acts like or is a living organism, can be related to as such and qualifies for protection as an endangered species, and made me a closeted Pantheist who only believes in God when it makes sense.

Seventieth year as a performing folk song artist and Contra Dancer/caller, seventy-fifth year as a folk singer.

Fortieth year as a published author of ten books about environment, education and psychology.

Forty-fifth year sleeping outdoors year-round in natural areas.

Eight thousandth daily hike up Mt. Young in San Juan Island National Historical Park for 24 years, and counting

See it all on a video.


Does This Feel Familiar?

As a child, "instinctively," like most children, I felt more alive, free and happier in a natural area than indoors. More intelligent, too.

With my friends, I grew up and was educated in the indoor box world of contemporary society. It detached our psyche from genuine contact with its biological origins in nature's joy, wisdom and balance. To fill this void, our socialization psychologically attached (brainwashed) us to society's ways, including the excessive trespasses of nature and people by our educational, scientific, economic and spiritual dogma.

The box-world assured me that people only felt and related better in nature because in nature they escaped from reality. Reality was the challenges of home, work, and school, escaping to nature was "recreation."


Thirty-five years of counseling and educational research in natural areas taught me a different story, one of re-creation. I lived year-round in expedition education settings similar to the "Survivor" TV series except that our goal was not competitive schemes and eliminations of each other to win a million dollars. Rather it was to sustainably live in balance with people and the environment. I explored and discovered and developed the webstring model,how to think and relate in ways that free our psyche from the grip of the Industrial Society's invasiveness, dysfunction and discontents. The closest online portrayal of how my role felt and functioned is "My Life as a Turkey."

"A forest bird never wants a cage"
     - Henrik Ibsen

I have founded and packaged a Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) model, a nature-connected sensory science that restores people to their fullness, their natural integrity and their deeper ideals. Through its internationally recognized Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP), people and natural systems co-create and grow into balance and well being. They let the unifying attraction strands of the web of life help them rejuvenate the sensory truths, ideals and loves we are born with as part of the global life community. This discovery of the Higgs Boson has made my work a New Copernican Revolution that validates Albert Einstein's Grand Unification Field Theory.


Anybody can use and teach Natural Attraction Ecology as a hobby or professionally. It is an organic, hands-on learning tool that enables us to let conscious sensory contact with nature help us get our thinking to incorporate the intelligence and balance of the web of life. We learn how to think with nature rather than against it. Through nature connected psychological activities, courses and degree programs, folks master how to relate in cooperative unity, like nature works.

In April of 1998 I celebrated my fiftieth year as a outdoor educator, counselor and traditional folk singer, musician and dancer. I celebrated by doing exactly the same thing I did the previous month and for 50 years before that, for I still do what I like to do best. I use my science, education, counseling and musical expertise to catalyze responsible, enjoyable relationships with the nature in people and places. I continue to sleep outdoors throughout the seasons.

The Project NatureConnect Web pages describe NAE and the Natural System Thinking Process. The process is a celebration in and of itself. It has been absent in our society for, us being natural, we conquered it along with our conquest of nature.

It is one thing to give lip service about co-creating with nature, it is quite another to subsist through a process that accomplishes this goal. Nature operates by fulfilling its attractions to attractions. Its purity washes away mind-polluting evils if you occasionally bathe in it. Any good experience we have had in nature demonstrates this truth. Scientific studies validate it. Yet over 99 percent of our thinking and feeling is detached from it. Who provides us with a powerful, free, replacement for this loss, a replacement that supports the environment and does not have adverse side effects? Pfizer Pharmaceutical?  

We are as attached to nature and its non-literate dance, or any natural thing, as our fingers are to our toes. Society tears us out of this relationship. It's story rewards us for excelling at subduing nature: from excessively using lawn chemicals, to indoor education, to the "conquest" of space. The heart of our dilemmas is that we have learned, for profit, to conquer and hurt life/nature and, as we are part of it, we hurt ourselves. Who will teach us not to do this? Wall Street?

That some of our most profound thinkers are first raising the question as to if a relationship exists between our psyche and ecology is a statement of how far we have strayed. Exactly where do they think our ability to think, sense and feel came from? Oprah? The Constitution?

The purpose of nature and life is to follow its attraction to support the life of nature. We call that attraction survival. It's more than just an idea. We can sense and feel survival, it registers in our consciousness. Where did that sense originate? Facebook?

My doctoral work demonstrates that if you teach people to live and think like nature works, the stress, pain and cravings that drive us to our disorders subside, and the disorders follow suit. Perhaps I am an example of this. Almost 85 years of age and under the care of allopathic medicine, mind you, I have yet to need any prescribed medications or therapies. I am very thankful to be as active and fit as I was fifteen years ago.

Six major nature reconnection experiences have guided me to create and sustain Project NatureConnect and the National Audubon Society Expedition Institute outdoor programs that I founded in 1959 as the Trailside summer and ski camps. [They, in turn, became the Trailside Country School in 1969. It was the successful pilot program that, in 1978, at its well considered invitation, I donated to the National Audubon Society and Lesley University. It became the Audubon Expedition Institute that I directed for them until 1985, and that terminated operation in 2009. ]

I was born into a musical family of first generation Americans who escaped social and religious persecution in Russia. In a settlement house community they downplayed the institutionalized aspects of their spirituality and most other aspects of mainstream society , leaning toward camping, music and the outdoors instead. However, my father was Phi Beta Kappa and ran for Congress in 1940 in an effort to correct some of our irresponsible tendencies.

As part of nature's diversity, I was born left handed, just as others are born with various skin, eye or hair colors, or unique interests, senses and personalities.  And like others who are demeaned by the nature-conquering dogmatic beliefs of Industrial Society, the dominant culture, I was traumatized by having to write with my right hand in elementary school.

I began to write my first alphabet letters by dipping the pen held in my left hand into the inkwell that was located across the desk drilled into the right upper corner. I wrote a few letters, then, needing ink, I crossed my left hand over the desk again to dip into the inkwell. When I returned my pen to the paper I noticed that the wet-ink letters I had originally written had been smeared by my hand as it crossed the desk to the inkwell. The bottom of my hand was now blue. The teacher told me my writing was smeared and sloppy, my hand dirty. I asked for a desk with an inkwell on the left side, she replied 'There is no such thing, write with your right hand.' That felt very uncomfortable.

The absence of desks for left-handed youngsters was the start of my "natural self" being molded into a cultural object instead of being nurtured as a whole person. The stress caused me to bite my nails until they bled, suffer psychosomatic pain, posture changes and speech disorders, for which I received therapy with some success. Interestingly, today I like the taste of Iodine. It was applied to my nails back then to stop me from biting them.

I've spent most of my life trying to help society thoughtfully 'make inkwells mobile' or 'drill some inkwells on the left side of the desk,' and in all other ways co-create with and celebrate the fullness of nature's flow and diversity within and around us, no matter how uniquely it manifests itself in any individual.  I have demonstrated that we suffer our unsolvable problems because we seldom recognize that their source is our socialized imposition of "right-handed desks" on the grace of nature's self-correcting flow and wide-ranged diversity, in and around us. The tool to meet this challenge is offered in Natural Attraction Ecology. It is validated in my Ph.D. thesis and available as a readily available process and course of online study via Project NatureConnect. 

I finally convinced the school to let me write "lefty" in fourth grade and in six months I wrote better than I had for five previous years. That experience, including my father convincing the school to let me use a Waterman fountain pen, taught me to trust and celebrate the value of my "left handed" natural senses and feelings, and to place a healthy mistrust on many directives and entrapments of Industrial Society.

I never used or use alcohol or drugs for fulfillment or reality enhancement because that dependency does not seem reasonable. What is reasonable to me is to trust and empower in nature my natural "lefty" senses and feelings, for they are facts of life, facts as real, true and valuable as any other fact.

In 3rd grade, 1938, my class learned new math only to find that we were unprepared to go into traditional 4th grade math and would have to attend summer school. My parents decided, instead, to teach me math on their own while we were living at a lake in the country. I spent my summer mornings indoors agonizing over a math workbook while enjoying afternoons playing and exploring outdoors. It eroded my relationship with my mother become teacher. The comparative difference in how each setting felt made an indelible impression on me and directed my life toward outdoor rewards and sanity.

At age 11, my contact with Burl Ives validated the traditional music and dance background of my parents and my summer camp musical experiences. By 1945, at the age of 15, I concentrated on learning outdoor skills, traditional music, songs, dance and instruments as well as on a career that included using them in camp programs. I have been amazed that so few of these homemade songs from the heart of rural people express love for the land. Unlike the songs of indigenous people, most of them sing of conquering nature and the hard times encountered in doing so.

From 1957-59 I directed the American Youth Hostel's in New York City, spending most of my waking hours frustrated in a windowless basement administrative office downtown. Evenings and weekends were spent in cabarets, concert halls and recording studios as a folk singer. The stress of it attracted me to pay attention to, and trust, my frustrated "lefty" feelings more. Two years later I renounced that indoor life and founded programs that provided me with greater professional fulfillment while in natural settings. That was and is my joy. I have lived, learned, taught and slept outdoors almost continuously since 1959. Does that make me a natural person even though I am not a Native American?

In 1965 a transformational experience in a freak thunderstorm on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park added new dimensions to my thinking. The profound geological effects of that storm on the landscape convinced me that Earth acted homeostatically, like a living organism, and that acts of nature and humanity could be rationally explained from this point of view. There was nothing my experiences and education could identify that I did as an organism that Earth did not also do as a planet.

Most of my work since then has come out of that "Organism Earth" realization including my founding of Expedition Education, the Trailside Country School, the National Audubon Society Expedition Institute,  the 1985 National Audubon Society International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living Organism?" and the Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology. To bring people/planet congruence and knowledge to the public, via ten books and years of economic crises,  I created a Natural Systems Thinking Process that underlies Project NatureConnect, Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology. I fund all these projects and my family trust will fund them indefinitely since they are the source of its funds.   

I have camped and studied with groups of Expedition Education, learning from nature students in 84 different ecosystems for periods of three days to eleven months since 1959. How I felt doing that program with students is best conveyed in the online film "My Life as a Turkey." We learned from the natural areas and each other, as did the "goblets" in the film.

I have lived with the Amish, indigenous peoples, outdoorsmen and ecologists. I initiated State of Maine Legislative Document # 697, March 3, 1983, AN ACT to Establish a Numerical Whole Life Factor that conveys any product's contribution to sustainability (see Cohen, 1983, page 260-266). In 1984 I financed the legal assistance that stopped the development of the Pittston Oil Refinery in Eastport, Maine and I repulsed the building of a tidal dam to generate electricity because of its adverse side effects on wildlife.

The above experiences underlie the direction and energies in my past and present endeavors that have led to my Ph.D. I further explore them in my books and courses.  

Our basic problem is that we don't recognize that we are unreasonably socialized to be biased against nature's dance and the natural. For this reason, we usually reject that our planet acts as a living organism and that we are like a cell in it. We suffer because we don't think we need to "Do onto Earth and nature as we would have them do onto us."

My best thinking tells me that nature operates through unification by consensus. It's dance achieves its perfection by every manifestation of it consistently being attracted to gain consent from its immediate environment to participate in the dance . The "fittest" are those things, including people, that can cooperatively do this best, for they are the most attractive and gain the most support from their environment. The application of this observation significantly enhances political and peace efforts.

My deepest gratitude to the key individuals who have encouraged my inner nature to safely and constructively express its NAE wisdom. They include my parents Sonya and Israel Cohen, Joseph Wood Krutch, Burl Ives, Valentine Zetlin, Ruth Axline, Nate Levine, Pete Seeger, John Dewey, Milton Axel, Josh Lieberman, Robert Binnewies, Benjamin Fielding, Aldo Leopold, David Brower, Robert Muller, Richard Schneider, Algernon Black, Henry Paley, John Cohen, Bob Hill, Samuel Shacknowitz, Bill Bonyon, David Laing and all the Trailside Good Guys.

"I take full responsibility and offer my deepest apologies for contemporary society's destructive relationship with itself and the environment. 

Although, since 1973, I have been aware of the singular nature-disconnected cause of our problems as well as a remedy for it, I have been inadequate in conveying this information. For this reason our disorders continue and they now place life as we know it at risk. 

I am truly sorry. I only wish I could have done, or could do, more."

- Michael J. Cohen  June 7, 2011


by Allison Weeks

Fleeing oppression in Russia motivated Dr. Michael Cohen's grandparents to take full advantage of the freedom and liberties available in America. Relationships that sensibly supported life were sought, cherished and validated as being reasonable practices and an operating consciousness. He was raised in this atmosphere and his childhood exposure to natural areas helped him recognize their integrity and perfection in comparison to the environmental and social disorders he encountered in most human societies. He constantly elected to live, work and protect nature-connected relationships and natural areas.

At great risk to himself and his family, he conceived and founded nature based social and environmental education outdoor programs because they helped him make sense of his life and that of his constituants as well as support environmental protection.

Since 1959 Dr. Cohen has spent 26 years teaching, researching and living in a wide variety of natural areas to discover how and why they influenced people in a good way. He created and manifested an accomplished, repeatable curriculum for conservation education and social responsibility in school groups which he then donated to the National Audubon Society and Lesley University. At his own expense, he then translated and published the highlights of that curriculum into an accredited backyard or backcountry, Nature connected, Natural Systems Thinking Process and Natural Attraction Ecology that anybody can use and teach via the internet or in local groups. He presently continues to develop, teach and promote the process which has been incorporated in four university progams and many other environmentally and socially responsible programs.

Dr. Cohen's work has the potential to make a positive, profound impact on the planet, including humanity. His process allows people to create moments that let Earth teach its non-verbal wisdom (it self-corrects, preserves and regenerates itself through attraction relationships, producing an optimum of life, diversity, and cooperative, balanced unity without producing garbage). Additionally, his simple reconnecting with nature activities have the ability to give rise to an increased awareness of personal connectedness to the web of life. Choices and behaviors begin to reflect nature's wisdom, and support of the Web replaces personal greed and destructive personal, social, and environmental behaviors.

Is Dr. Cohen a maverick genius?

THE FUNDAMENTAL LINKS IN MY PROJECT NATURECONNECT ECOPSYCH.COM WEB SITE.  They and more are also available an annotated list of pages



Akamai University, Hilo, HI, and University of San Juan De La Cruz, San Juan, Costa Rica,  Ph.D. 2008 Applied Ecopsychology, Natural Attraction Ecology, Organic Psychology, Environmental Psychology

Clayton University, St. Louis, MO Ed.D. 1981 in Environmental Psychology, 

Columbia University Teachers College, 1957 Guidance and Counseling Completed 103 units of graduate work

Columbia University Teachers College, M.A. equivalent, 1955, Guidance of Adolescents, Student Personnel Administration

Columbia University Teachers College, M.A. 1952, Natural Science Education

University of California, Berkeley B.A. 1951, Biology

City College of San Francisco, A.A. 1949, Biology


Nature Education: 1959-1985 Participated as the founder and as a travel/study community member in the year round outdoor living and learning expedition education program of Outdoor Travel Camps, Trailside Country School and the National Audubon Society Expedition Institute.

Counselor training: 1955-58, Completed a three-year Alexander Wolf, control, group therapy psychiatry program.


2004-present, Institute of Global Education Degree Program Director in cooperation with Akamai University and West Coast University, Republic of Panama.

2001-present. Institute of Applied Ecopsychology Director, Akamai University, Hawaii.

1995-2002 Department Chair, Applied Ecopsychology, Greenwich University, Hawaii

1995-Spring Adjunct Faculty, Applied Ecopsychology Antioch University, Seattle

1995-present Adjunct Faculty, Portland State University Graduate School of Extended Studies

1986-present Department Founder and Chair, Professor of Integrated Ecology, World Peace University/Institute of Global Education, Portland, Oregon.

Educator and Administrator, Founder and Director of Project NatureConnect

1987-1990 Contributing Editor, Between the Species Journal of the Albert Schweitzer Center, Berkeley, CA. Writer of nature/psychology/education articles

1985 Conceiver of the National Audubon Society International Symposium: IS THE EARTH A LIVING ORGANISM?

1985 Faculty, Guild of Tutors, International College, Los Angeles, CA

1984 Financed the legal assistance necessary to stop the development of the Pittston Oil Refinery in Eastport, Maine.

1983 Introduced State of Maine Legislative Document # 697, March 3, 1983, AN ACT to Establish a Numerical Whole Life Factor.

1978-1987 Founder and Director, Trailside Country School expedition education process and the National Audubon Society Expedition Institute program. Administrator, educator, curriculum design, student.

1978-1987 Adjunct Faculty Member, Lesley College Graduate School, Cambridge, MA. Instructor

1976-present Folk, Contra and Square Dance Caller and Musician (1999-present, Lead singer of the Sugar on the Floor folk group. 1996-present, Traditional song artist for the US National Park Service San Juan Island National Historical Site and the stage presentation "The Life and Times of General George Pickett.")

1977-78 Environmental Education Consultant, National Audubon Society

1969-78 Founder and Director, Trailside Country School, Administrator, educator, curriculum design, student.

1959-78 Founder and Director, Outdoor Travel Camps, Trailside Outdoor Programs and Expedition Education, the pilot programs of the National Audubon Society Expedition Institute.

1957-59 Executive Director, American Youth Hostels, Metropolitan New York Council, New York, NY

1955-57 Biology and Science Teacher, Dobbs Ferry High School, Dobbs Ferry, NY

1953-55 Chief of the Clinical Microscopy Section, 1st Army Medical Laboratory, New York, NY

1952-62 Vocalist and Musician, folk singing trio: The Shanty Boys, New York, NY

1952-57 Administrative Assistant, Camp Robinson Crusoe, Sturbridge, MA

Membership in Professional Organizations:

      • National Association for Interpretation
      • Association For Experiential Education
      • North American Association for Environmental Education
      • Coalition for Education in the Out-of-Doors
      • Global Network of Environmental Education Centers
      • Alliance for Environmental Education


Keynote speaker at the national conferences of the:

      • North American Association of Environmental Education,
      • NY State Outdoor Education Association
      • Coalition for Education in the Out-of-Doors.
      • San Juan Island National Park Volunteer of the Year, 2009
      • Award for Excellence in Interpretation, National Association for Interpretation
      • Distinguished World Citizen Award from the World Peace University
      • Best Nature Photograph, 1994 NAAEE Photography Contest.


Bold titles are books.

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