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Special Edition: Albert Einstein's Unified Field "Ultimate Intelligence" Test and Inventory

VOLUME 2,  NUMBER 2014-2016                                                      Dr.  Michael J. Cohen, Editor

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The Einstein GreenWave Unified Field Equation

  • Engage in the most powerful and beneficial use of your sense of reason and maverick genius

  • This acronym equation is as whole life true and practical as 2 + 2 = 4 because every part of it is repeatable, self-evident experience.

  • Individually or collectively our 54 natural senses that produce this equation are undeniable. They need no proof.

WARRANTY: The application of the GreenWave Unified Field Equation increases by 85 percent the ability of any individual or organization to increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

This GreenWave Intelligence test and inventory scientifically enables you to recognize this: your life is lovingly conceived and supported as a unique 54-sense personification of Nature's Unified Field and its self-correcting attraction relationships.

Stories that mislead or disconnect you from the authentic Unified Field produce the unbalanced relationships that you and the web-of-life suffer.

You can at any moment help bring things back into balance, including your life, by 
GreenWave reconnecting your 54 natural senses to the Unified Field of the natural world.

Get smart.

The essence of education, counseling and healing is to give people the things they need in order to grow into contributing and wholesome members of their society. To achieve this, what was needed in ancient times has little in common with with what is needed now to live a safe and healthy life in balance with today’s advanced science, knowledge and technological practices.

To reasonably maintain and support personal, social and environmental well-being, the core of what we learn must be an outgrowth of the needs and relationships in which we exist today.

If we do not GreenWave increase our attraction to, or love for, intelligent thinking, acts and laws that will help us come into balance with Nature's biodiversity, in and around us, our personal, social and environmental dilemmas will continue to increase.

Honor and support the natural sensory genius of your life. This learning Option helps you take one giant step beyond our present inadequacies.

What's your score?

Bio, Love and Nature: Albert Einstein's
Unified Field "Ultimate 54 Sense Intelligence" Test and Inventory.

We have gone crazy because we live in the power of Einstein's contemporary world of advanced Science and Technology today while our stories socialize us to think, build and correct our relationships as if the date was 200 A.D.

Catch up!

Take this free Ultimate Intelligence Test challenge to instantly help yourself become saner because its self-evident facts enable you to come to your 54 senses (Did you know that you have 54 of them?)

Copyright 2012, Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Warning: Radical, yet indisputable truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth is working here.

A. Discover the genius percentage of yourself that can think with it.

B. Explore the percentage of yourself that omits your genius  and therefore restricts your ability to meet urgent challenges and help others do the same.

C. Let genuine sensory connections with the biodiversity of authentic Nature enable you to combine the results of A and B so you and your livelihood or other interests may come into a GreenWave healing balance with the web-of-life and vice versa.

On July 4, 2012 Einstein's 1925 scientific premise about the existence of a grand unified field essence of the Universe was proven correct with the discovery of the Higgs Boson "God Particle."

That essence is the core, unifying attraction energy that he predicted 90 years earlier but he could not prove with a physics equation. Its unifying force exists in and around us continually. It is the life-giving time and space of each moment in our science-based Universe and our lives. It is your attraction for air, water, food, community, trust, place, purity and balance along with 45 additional attraction senses that we learn to ignore.

Before the unifying attraction field was scientifically identified its existence was denied. It was instead called love, life force, Nature, attraction, devine, time/space, wisdom, various Gods or Panpsychism. Attachments to these differing stories made, and still make, people clash, stress and hurt. This conflict underlies most of our addictions and disorders.

Today, the experience of making conscious sensory contact with the authentic unified attraction field in a natural area blends our senses with the area's peace and power. We heal by discovering attractions there that recycle, transform and peacefully unite our disruptive differences. Consciousness is but one of 54 natural attraction senses that we share with Nature. What we sense is what is sensing.

The 2012 Big Bang discovery made apparent the missing underlying cause and remedy for the personal and global disorders that plague us. It demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that:

Nature's unified relationships from the beginning of time and space have intelligently self-produced and grown into Nature's balanced perfection through the eons. Each of us has been attraction-loved into being a unique personification of Nature and the way it works when our stories acknowledge this fact.

Industrial humanity is part of Nature/Earth but we excessively refute that we have created and live out ancient and inaccurate stories about our body, mind and spirit. We too often deny that these stories disconnect our 54 natural senses from their genetic, seamless connection to Nature's consciously unified essence, in and around us, every moment.

It makes perfect sense that we and our Living Planet suffer from stories that disconnect us from the perfection of its self-correcting and balanced ways. This is because our personhood is as connected to the life of Earth and other people as our fingers are connected to our toes.

The deterioration of any naturally connected whole living thing is predictable if you remove any part of it from the wholeness of its biodiversity and you don't adequately replace it.

In response to the unified field discovery in physics in 2012 , Project NatureConnect immediately advanced and validated its Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) methods and materials. They now enable the reasoning of caring individuals to connect themselves to Einstein's Unified Field by enacting its equation.

You can Select Here now and go directly to the equation; or you can read more about it and go to it later.

ECHN consists of sensory tools you can use to help yourself and others reap the long missing benefits of being in sensory personal and global balance.

The methods and materials of ECHN work because it uses incontrovertible self-evidence that you personally gather in natural areas.  This empowers you to deliberately plug your story about yourself directly into the Big Bang unified field that produces each moment and that is an essence of your genetic makeup.  It helps you benefit from Nature's unifying, restorative and recycling powers as they dance in and around you. It is effective because, as part of Earth and the Universe, you and I are these same powers in action during every moment of our life, and, almost unbelievably, our death, too.

'What we are looking for is what is looking.'"
- St. Francis of Assisi

You and I suffer many discontents because our extremely Nature-disconnected and conquer-nature ways of knowing have detached us from the balanced and beautiful benefits of Nature's self-correcting ways.  Applying the science of the Einstein Unified Field Equation helps us reverse this disastrous estrangement.

A thousand years of objective scientific and technological methodology changed humanity from being unable to fly to its use of advanced airplanes and rockets today. Sadly, the way we felt-sense think and relate to the natural world, in and around us, did not update significantly during this period.

This same thousand years without important advances in our relationship-building mentality makes the ability of our body, mind and spirit often think and relate with ancient, inappropriate and inaccurate information about how to have our advanced Science and Technology (Sci-Tech) come into balance with and support our Living Planet and self.

The result of us using antiquated, unscientific, felt-sense thinking to relate to the results of advanced science seldom works. We are, from birth, socialized/indoctrinated by scientifically inaccurate knowledge and processes in this regard and we deny it. Name your poison. It produces critical personal and environmental problems as it misguides us to use our advanced science and technology in destructive ways. For example, we can't stop thinking that it is OK, to use airplanes as bombers or weapons, or as harmful insecticide crop sprayers, or to excessively pollute the air. By omitting our 54 natural senses as facts of life, our advanced Sci-Tech is runaway. It acts like an invasive cancer within us and the environment.

We know better and we reject being runaway. However, we have no scientific way to implement this reasonable desire so Sci-Tech becomes excessive. We can't stop because mystical and fictional stories and the supernatural are not scientific and don't respond to its dictates. For this reason, Sci-Tech is separated from them.

As of old, but much more powerfully now, our ancient ways of thinking let us abuse each other interpersonally, globally and environmentally when our stories don't agree. 

We will not stop our individual and global misery dilemmas until we apply the ECHN GreenWave Equation tool that helps us remedy their source. It transforms "subjective" information into self-evident facts of whole life science that are just a true and important as objective facts.  This provides the balance we are missing.

Uniquely, the ECHN model enables us to scientifically improve our natural felt-sense thinking process in any given moment by plugging it into our Planet's, eons old, self-correcting and purifying "subjective" unification powers in natural areas, backyard or backcountry.

You can Select Here now and go directly to the equation; or you can read more about it and go to it later.

“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.” 

- Robert Buckminister Fuller

  • Benefit from genuinely connecting with the undeniable sensory unified field and equation of the Universe today that Albert Einsten identified but could not prove in physics in 1955.

  • Learn and teach a legitimate nature-connected whole-life process and livelihood that is free and organic. It helps you immediately obtain from Nature the missing sensory support and wisdom that you need in a wide range of relationships.

  • Many of us are far more intelligent than we have been led to believe. Discover how and why we have lost our natural smarts and the inherent 54 natural sense ways that help us regain them.

  • Most folks don't recognize that a deep unifying love is missing from their life because we live in excessive nature-disconnectedness that subdues our attraction senses and their ability to love and register love. We suffer because our runaway technological prowess is daily bulldozing away the biodiversity of Nature's amazing love for us, in and around us. Einstein's sensory unified field empowers you with the grace to take back and share the love that is rightfully yours.

  • Create moments that let Earth teach. You will want to apply nature's free and easy remedy for feeling deficient or empty because it makes sense to heal the unexplainable void that you feel in your body mind and spirit. You and I were not born with this hole of discontent. We have been taught to create it and buy products that temporarily satisfy it, again and again, more and more.

  • Use this free Test and Inventory to own an antidote for our greed, excessiveness and disorders, for our hurt and wanting due to our excessive loss of Nature. Too often it makes us feel that there is never enough love and this warps our psyche and relationships. It makes us seek exaggerated fulfillments that stressfully violate Mother Earth, including our body, mind and spirit.

    Optionally obtain Academic or CEU credit for learning, and/or a degree in how to prevent and remedy this crime. It starts a special, online training or 18 month degree program you may be eligible to enter.

  • Be wise. We cannot win the battle to increase the well-being of our planet's life, including our life, without strengthening our innate ability to love all of life.  We need to recover our missing 54 natural attraction/love sense bonds with Nature, in and around us, for we will not fight to save what we do not love enough.

You can Select Here and immediately start your free, personal Sensory Unified NNIAAL Field Test and Inventory because the genius in you wants you to make more sense of your life, livelihood and interests.  

It is designed to strengthen the work of Applied Ecopsychology students and other folks who want to safely increase their rewarding connections to the natural world and give the Unified Field a chance to help us increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

The Inventory works even though you may only be attracted to small percentages of it. This is because these percentages seamlessly bind you to the percentages of other people and to Nature so you happily strengthen each other and mutually increase benefits to all, including the Web-of-Life.

This diagnostic inventory is applauded by folks who know that they cherish Nature. They are concerned about Nature's well-being in and around them and they want to help remedy our unbalanced Earth Overshoot disorders. These individuals can get academic, professional or CEU credit for completing the inventory as a course.

If you have questions about this inventory or its use, feel free to call its author, Dr. Michael J. Cohen at 360-378-6313

This Full Inventory is a caring citizen's guide to where your heart
wants to be, and then it helps you get there.
  • Is your sense of reason working to your advantage?

  • Are our leaders whole, real-life intelligent?

  • Do you think you have a timid but high, common sense IQ?

  • Would you enjoy creating sensory relationships with Nature that increase well-being and stop our personal and global disastrous ways?

  • Do you want to dance Einstein's Grand Unified Dance of NNIAAL and help preserve Nature's paradise of heaven on Earth as you help fulfill your deeper ideals and livelihood while visiting a natural area? 

  • Take a giant step with attitude. Add the Equation to your livelihood, hobbies and relationships. It enables to build balanced, whole life, body, mind and spirit interactions with the natural world and others and yourself. 

    Don't be discouraged if at first you can't  understand or apply the Equation. Most people can't.  For this reason, easier alternative options to it are included as part of it.

  • Reverse the disorders that misguided individuals and stories have coerced us to produce, around and in us.

"Illigitimi non carborundum"

- Robin Williams

  • Guide and Mentor positions are available

Select Here to start your free, immediate, personal Sensory Nature Unified Field Inventory because you seek peace and it's easy to find it here in a good way.  Why wouldn't you want to do this?


NOTE: Do you have a skill or profession that you have mastered and want to be awarded a Ph.D. or other funded degree for, in 18 months, making it uniquely GreenWave organic If so we can help you.  Accredit your life experiences and prior training. Email or call Project NatureConnect  360-378-6313. A teacher, farmer, politician, engineer or bartender with a GreenWave Ph.D. can make a world of difference as they their lives improve and help others do the same.

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