Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN)

                                                                     The life of Nature/Earth is your life.

Accredited Nature-Connecting Degrees and Courses On Line: Natural Science Career Education; Personal and Professional Whole Life System Training Grants and Jobs in Applied Ecopsychology.
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Includes the PSU Course Explore Nature's Wisdom EC0 500A
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Project NatureConnect
Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology
Practical distance learning to increase person/planet well-being.
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ECHN: The Whole Life Art and Science of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature

Create moments that let Earth teach its wisdom. Add this skill to you life and livelihood. Learn to master and apply the missing truths of Industrial Society whose absence produces our personal and environmental miseries. 

Practical distance learning to increase person/planet well-being.

Are you one of the gifted few that treasures your natural capacity to love the life and intelligence of Nature and our Planet?  If so, you can strengthen this gift and help others find it in themselves.

Validate yourself. Become certified in who you naturally are and your special qualities including your love of nature.  Earn a degree in how to apply them to support the life of Earth in balance, including your life and relationships

ECHN online certification or degree training enables you to create moments in natural areas that let the authentic life of Earth teach you and yours how to increase personal, social and environmental well-being. We support you and give you the tools to make your love of Nature a powerful part of your relationships and livelihood.

The Degree or Certificate training courses all start with the Orientation Program, below. For information about the total program select here. http://projectnatureconnect.org/overview-the-program-pathway/

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Certified Organic

Suggested pre-course reading:
  Maverick Genius at Work
  The GreenWave Path
  The ECHN Story
  Earth Overuse Misery

Research references:
  Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature
  With Justice  for All
  Revolutionary Wisdom

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Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN)
Nature lover, learn how to support the balanced and beautiful life of our Planet as it supports your life and helps you meet your challenges.
To remedy our personal and global disorders we must engage in an evidence-based enabling process that lets our 54 natural senses learn from the life of Earth how its self-correcting ways work. This tool enables us to therapeutically enjoy and support the aliveness of our planet's balance, purity and beauty.

The ECHN Orientation Program Courses:

ECO 500A: Explore Nature's Wisdom. Four weeks at 4 hours/week: suggested donation $65. Select here for tuition details

ECO 500B:  Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship Eleven weeks at 4 hours/week: suggested donation $285.00. Select here for tuition details

This is a PNC subsidized program. In addition, work study, financial assistance and grants are available based on a participants economic needs.

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.....Where there's life

...,,,,.there's love


The whole-life art and science of ECHN helps any environmenally concerned person, nature lover or outdoor enthusiast create unique sensory contact moments in natural areas, backyard or backcountry.  There your 54 natural senses reasonably invite the transformative life powers of our Planet to give your story life what you need to come into equilibrium with the Planet's life and yourself. 

The Course Process:
  • You and the four others in your world-wide online study group read the rationale and objective of a sensory nature-connecting activity you will do in a natural area, backyard or backcountry.

  • You do the activity and journal what your 54 natural senses enjoyed from their safe contact with the natural area and their origins there.

  • You sleep on the activity for at least one night. This lets the attractions of your 54 senses that you experienced (self-evidence) become a conscious part of your mind, body and spirit that matches the same part of other course members world-wide.

  • By email or in person, you share with others what you journaled and was attractive and of value to you in the activity. The other group members share the same with you.

  • This course process lets our story way of knowing make balancing sensory contact with the life of Earth's unified attraction field, in and around us, to increase personal, community and environmental well-being.
Your community support, confidence and functions improve while disorders subside because in a natural area you genuinely gain and share the unifying strength of Earth's self-correcting life as your life.

Contact with authentic Nature's Unified Field becomes a trustable whole life guide. It is a science-based therapist or higher power that you can turn to at will and help others do the same.

The Degree or Certification program mainly consists of learning how to do, and help others do, up to 170 activities over an 18-36 month period at 4 hours/week.

Use the "Navigator" above or at the bottom of this page for complete course information.

"This course is an oasis in the middle of our dessert of disconnection. Our story relationships with our self, others, and the entire web of nature shape and define us. Through the “moments that let Earth teach” I felt each of us find our way back to the beautiful truth of who we naturally are. And from that space we experienced those connections that let us know that we are seen, we are acknowledged, we are valued, we are loved. Whenever that happens we are free to feel and act from the joy we are embedded in."

- Orientation Course Participant

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At will and forever, you can learn how to participate in the purifying ways and integrity of the web-of-life that lives in natural areas, others and yourself.
This orientation program is your first step to help increase personal, social and environmental well-being for all of life.

Just like firemen, nurses and others are paid to protect, save and improve lives, ECHN pays folks who 54-sense faithfully represent and support the life of their planet in and around them.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

ECHN instantly brings peaceful life in balance to the lives of those who already love, or who want to learn to love more, the well-being and happiness they have found in the real life of natural areas and our planet, not just stories about it, accurate or not.
"My thanks to each and everyone of you on this course. You have given me support and unconditional love during a traumatic time in my life and I cannot express to you what it truly means in my heart."
- Betsy W. Orientation Program Participant
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ECHN helps interested people make the healing love and caring powers of the natural world's life a safe and lasting home and/or livelihood for their body mind and spirit. The whole life moments of our planet in and around these individuals becomes a reasonable sensory playground and school that they personally support as it supports them. They have the ability to prevent trespassers from entering this personal space while they delight in building trustable, friendly relationships in it with other members of the plant, animal, mineral, energy and human community.
You are not alone. The passion of millions of warm and caring people is strengthening the life of the natural world due to their wonderful early memories of it, or their new found love of living things including Gaia.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

UPDATE: July 1, 2016. Because, since 1986, we have been reducing Chloroflurocarbon particles that we placed in the atmosphere, the Ozone hole is beginning to recover from the damage inflicted by these particles.  They were identified as the point source of the hole and then sensibly reduced so Earth's self-correcting powers could once again operate.

Get real.If a drill makes a hole in the roof your house when you remove the drill the hole does not repair itself. This is simply because the house is not natural aliveness, rather it is a blueprint imposed on aliveness that is disconnected from nature's regenerative ways. Our courses enable you to therapeutically remove the hurtful parts of that imposition

The ECHN Orientation Program lets the grounded security of the life of the natural world be a powerful balanced and beautiful home for nature lovers that they can choose to live in or visit at will.
Organics, sustainability, and ecologically sound professions are steadily growing. However, most folks in them increasingly subdue the life of our Planet. 

Our unbalanced impact occurs because we have never learned how to let ECHN 54-sense contact moments with the authentic life of Earth teach and support us. Our stories don't know how cooperatively think and relate like nature's transformative perfection works, even though it is the essence of our lives. The orientation course connects you with authentic Nature, the fountainhead of authority in how it works, backyard or backcountry.

The course is like letting Mary Poppins help you understand an up-to-date picture of how the life of Earth's perfection works around and in you. You experience it firsthand in a natural area, you are there, it's your life and it's real.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

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If you seek a degree, career or training in what you love, the most reasonable thing you can do is speak in person to Mike Cohen, a friendly and supportive dude who's happy to share his decades of natural area experiences to help you discover how this Orientation Course enables you to achieve your goals in a good way.  Call Mike anytime: 360-378-6313

If you sense that the life of Planet Earth has self-correcting powers, you can see how the Orientation Course helps you validate and benefit from them by selecting here.

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.....Where there's life

...,,,,.there's love


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NOTE: The Orientation Program described on this page is the starting point for all certification and degree programs.

A Synopsis from an Orientation Course Participant:

Let me to describe the process that the course participants took and the change from Natural Attraction Disconnect thinking to Reconnected Natural thinking that I observed. The e-mail based participants were located in various places around the globe. These included China, Brazil, Korea and the United States.

The basic process in the course consisted of readings, experiments, exercises to be done in a natural environment, and feedback sent among the students to describe what they did and felt .These were expressed as Thoughtful Verbalizations.

There were different reasons people had for learning this process. They included wanting college credit, wanting to be a peace mediator and for individual growth. All were interested in the process but 2 participants out of 4 did express some healthy skepticism at the beginning -given the wide myriad of social and individual maladies this process claims to help. As one participant proclaimed she must "overcome my distrust of sensory experiences as the sources of knowledge of self and the real world."

There was education in the area of sensory bias -showing us how the perceptual observations of traditional psychologists are often based on faulty thinking. There was education in how and why this process works. Yet these readings would be meaningless unless we had a way to validate them through our own experiences. Traditional psychotherapy has relied basically on 2 senses-cognition and feeling. Psychotherapy is essentially a verbal process. Although silence can be used as a therapeutic tool rarely are any other senses utilized.
The process undertaken involved going to a natural area, identifying what was attractive to you, asking permission to be there and share in the interaction. One was to reconnect with nature and sense the intelligence.Through a process called webstrings these connections were shared with others -meant to inspire. As we feel the positives of nature and realize these natural attractions also exist in us we have improved self-esteem and respect for ourselves, others, and our environment.

Did it work? Here are some quotes from students describing their experiences and observations.

Marcia: "Since ours first days we are induced to do things not to learn and develop ourselves but to be rewarded with familiar approval, social recognizing, and even to reward the others (like parents). I guess the destiny of all human being has been largely ( and badly) influenced by how we have learned to separate from nature and its values, because the consequences are in front of ours"

Madelyn: "most important things I learned were that words run my life way too much; that the nonverbal world is primary"
Revalyn: "Non-verbal experiences have as much meaning and validity as verbalized, rationalized ones"

These statements indicate that through the exercises experienced an awareness of NAD was developed. The stories and words were seen as too prevalent in their lives-more sensory contact with nature was needed.

Was self esteem (positive feeling about self) and concern for others and nature developed or enhanced? Observations:

Revalyn: "I did not want to rationalize too much, I did not want reason to detract from the satisfaction and good feeling the activity left within me."

"It seems to me that I went through consent, contact, feeling, trust, and recognition of my ability to experience pleasant and meaningful sensory experiences."

Jackie: "I love me because I am imperfect but beautiful"

Madalyn: "The three most important things I learned from the chapter were: don't let categories such as "dangerous" and "safe" cloud the moment's sensibilities; begin to believe in and perceive in terms of the larger entities of natural community; begin to permit/encourage myself to get good feelings from the earth more often. When I ask the other one's permission to do anything I'm really recognizing them as my equal, and expressing my respect
for them."

Were new senses aroused -were things seem in a new way? Were new insights discovered?

Jackie: "Deep inside me a joy has awakened because I can find myself having so much in common with a broken shell on the shore."

Lastly was there a global connection -concern for others world wide? A concern for the environment?

"I thought, I am a person who has seen what the "end of the world" might look like - am someone who is grieving for the loss of so much that is natural and loved in my immediate world"

Revalyn: "Into the room of reasonable trust I have built in my mind I have placed: global consciousness as a search for unity of all endeavors and acceptance that webstrings exist,that the unseen can exist and be felt, that the untouchable can touch me. By feeling and responding to attractions in Nature, we do not reject or run away from human relationships but learn how to approach them in a more open, balanced way."

I observed growth in all participants. Participants were able to experience new senses, find joy in things previously unnoticed, share feelings with "strangers", recognize their disconnected feelings and thoughts and change them, and relate in new ways to their environment. An awareness of the world as one was evident.

As for my own experience I experienced a new awareness of things once unnoticed, little things that brought me joy like an acorn in a snow pool, felt relaxation and stress reduction, found value in things once undervalued (the influence of pets, plants, and nature in general), felt new senses and a connection and concern for the other participants and our world. A world terribly disconnected from nature -destroying its self in the name of Peace. I don't think Traditional Psychotherapy could have done that in 5 weeks!

So in summary, the promise of Psychology to truly help others is here. Individually and globally. Sound too good to be true? I invite you to decide for yourself. Remember the writing in this paper is made up of words. We are aware of the individual letters intellectually, but not in sensory way. To truly understand NSTP you must experience it-not just read about it! (By the way I was one of the 2 students who voiced skepticism at the beginning of the course!) If you want to experience this process go to the website www.ecopsych.com. You will find that you (and the Earth) will be glad you did!

(1)"Psychology's Dilemma-

(2)Author: Rakesh Jain, MD, MPH ,Medical Writer: Nancy Russ Addressing Both the Emotional and Physical Symptoms in Depression

(3]Elements of Global Citizenship:
The Science of Connecting With the Web of Life
The Art of Thinking With Nature. -www.ecopsych.com

(4)Cohen, Michael J. Reconnecting With Nature, Ecopress 1997

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NOTE: The Orientation Program described on this page is the starting point for all certification and degree programs.

You may obtain an Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature degree or certificate in conjunction with:
Applied Ecopsychology
Weight Loss
Holistic Leadership
Organic Psychology
Unitarian Universalist
Mental Health
Climate Change
Earth Day Activities
Retreat Centers
Energy Medicine
Natural Systems
Child Development
Dog Cat Pet Care
Healing Touch

Art Therapy
Massage Therapy
Therapist Training
Wilderness Therapy
Human Services
Social Work
Life Coaching
Integral Therapy
Hospice Caregiving
Home Schooling
Creative Writing
Life Experience
Jesus & Wilderness
Herbal Remedy
Life Science
Violence Prevention
Outdoor Education
Continuing Education
Anger Management
Energy Healing

Hope & Life Relationships
Stress Relief Management
Natural Health and Wellness
Parenting & Child Development
Spirit & Spiritual Development
Administrative Services
Continuing Education
Complimentary Medicine
Native American Indian Ways
War On Terrorism
Multiple Intelligences
Environmental Education
Body Mind Spirit
Tai Chi
Climate Change

Recovery from:
Addiction disorders
Eating Disorders
Sleeping Disorders
Attention Deficit Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Food Disorders
Nature Deficit Disorders
Abuse, Addiction, Loneliness
Midlife Crisis
Global Warming



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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book
The Web of Life Imperative.


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