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 "We are dysfunctional socially and environmentally because we are cut off and isolated from the world of nature and the natural."

-Albert Gore

"Project NatureConnect provides holistic sensory tools that help our psyche genuinely connect with natural systems within and around us. Our personal and environmental well-being improves through nature inspirational science education that enables us to thoughtfully tap into nature's balance, grace and restorative powers."

-Michael J. Cohen


Introductory nature book online-store reviews for initial online courses or for spiritual science home study.

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Intermediate and advanced nature online-store nature book reviews.

Einstein's World:

How Nature Works:
Restoring our kinship with Planet Earth
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Prejudice Against Nature 1984
Our Classroom is Wild America 1973
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nature science online-store book reviews.

The Web of Life Imperative:

Regenerative ecopsychology techniques that help people think in balance with
natural systems

The essence of the Natural Systems Thinking Process
Inspirational and Spiritual Nature Science Education in Action

Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D
and Project NatureConnect leaders

Empower yourself to increase personal and global consciousness and sanity. A Perfect bound 148 page "must read" basic program nature-inspirational book that contains the Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship Orientation Course instructions and all the materials necessary to complete it online or to use on your own for practical independent learning and teaching. See http://www.webstrings.org for further information. Our most updated and complete college science book. If you only get one publication, this is the one. It works best with its companion volume Reconnecting With Nature, (see below)

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"The Web of Life Imperative offers more tools, knowledge and personal power for good than most therapies and spiritualities. It enables us to reverse our destructive relationships by empowering us to make thoughtful sensory connections with genuine nature. This connection responsibly satisfies the aching, ever-wanting hole in our psyche that has been produced by our excessive separation from nature, a hole that leads us astray"

- Susan Chernak McElroy,
Award winning, N. Y. Times best selling author of Animals as Teachers and Healers and Heart in the Wild.


"I learned how to regain efficiently and effectively through simple reconnection activities. It gives me hope for the future." This sums up the most important thing for me both personally and professionally from this book and course. Daily, we tend to get bogged down in a myriad of worries, concerns, fears, habits and issues that are unappealing, unpleasant and even painful to us. Nonetheless we cling to these stresses, unable to escape them. We don't consider that by following our natural attractions as nature does, helps us make different choices to eliminate these stresses from our lives.
........Since completing this course, I've faced several upsetting events in my life, but I find I'm handling them quite differently now.
........Knowing how good I feel when I am connected to nature and knowing that I have the choice to feel that good at any time, I am no longer willing to give up that feeling, even if I am in the middle of a frightening or unpleasant experience. I've learned that at any moment, I can say, "No, that's not what I want." No matter how difficult the situation, I can choose to connect with nature, to move responsibly toward what attracts us in the moment, to choose wisely for myself, my loved ones, my community and the natural environment in which I live.
........The Natural Systems Thinking Process is a remarkable personal and professional tool that can be used to heal us of a vast variety of lifestyle stresses and the resulting depression, anxiety, and addictions that plague us. In the process we can learn to respect and value, and thereby preserve, the life-giving natural environment around us.

- Sarah Edwards, Author Getting Business to Come to You
Doctoral Candidate, Project NatureConnect





Reconnecting With Nature

Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D

A restoration of the missing link in Western thinking

A self-guiding integration of ecology and psychology that lets thoughtful sensory contacts with Earth catalyze wellness, spirit and responsibility. Select here for a full description and reviews

  • A revolutionary new book and natural sensory reasoning process.
  • A free or accredited E-mail course you can take and teach.
  • A key to responsible economics, education, self help and global sanity.
  • A community network, hobby, lifestyle or profession.
  • A way to critically think, enjoy and learn by touching strands of the web of life

In backyards or backcountry savor the spiritual science fun adventures of a lifetime. They begin in a natural area where we learn to follow 53 sensory callings from natural attractions. Safely, these nature inspirational attractions break through limiting walls of our thinking and bring us to hidden attractive valleys in our mind. Here we discover an imprisoned natural systems essences of life inside ourselves and help them reconnect it to their ancient home and origins in nature. This nurturing reconnection enchants and energizes nature's vibrant, fulfilling spirit into our consciousness and thinking.

Discover how to further enjoy your connections to nature's dancing energies, balance and beauty. Learn what even Harvard won't teach you, how to let life help you feel stronger about life and make things naturally go better

Learn how to promote self-improvement. Our excessive separation from nature creates an inner void that produces our insatiable wants. Our unfulfilled wants stress us. They fuel our greed and our stress related personal, social and environmental disorders. From your home, gain the expertise to let genuine connections with nature reverse this destructive process in yourself and others.

For fun, growth and profit, master thoughtful sensory activities that demonstrably center and rejuvenate us, that dissolve stress by lastingly satisfying our deepest natural loves, wants and spirit. Empower yourself to let the attractive wonders of nature pull you out of the shadows of disorders and discontent.

Explore new, nature-connected, interpersonal skills, thinking, and techniques. Use them to help yourself and others tap the "higher power" wisdom of nature anywhere.

Heighten your inherent sensory awareness:
Let nature help your spirit soar.
Recapture nature's balance, peace and beauty.

Learn a nature centered hobby or livelihood:
Increase wellness and creativity. You may learn and teach this accredited healing process for an enjoyable, profound
and profitable inspirational livelihood. Let contact with nature help you build rewarding, sustainable relationships for yourself and others

"Reconnecting With Nature enables us to support and apply our good judgement, innate knowledge and visions for a better tomorrow. Here is an environmental educator who teams up with Earth to create a vehicle of hope."

Dr. Charles Yaple, Director, Coalition for Education in the Outdoors

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Well Mind, Well Earth

and its companion volume

Connecting With Nature

The Project NatureConnect Advanced Self-Guiding Training Manual

97 Environmentally Sensitive Activities for Stress Management, Spirit, and Self-esteem by Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D. World Peace University Press, 1995, 254 pages 8 1/2 x11 includes Connecting With Nature: Creating Moments That Let Earth Teach, recipient of an award for Excellence In Interpretation from the National Association for Interpretation. $64.00 US, postage paid, foreign postage extra,
$72.00 with Reconnecting With Nature, $88.00 with Einsten's World.
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This self-guiding training manual offers unique nature connecting activities that evolved from thirty-five years of educational and psychological research in natural areas. Dramatically, the activities reverse our estrangement from nature and its negative effects as they renew over 49 inherent natural senses and fulfillments. The inspirational process awakens repressed natural feelings of love and understanding. It fills the voids that fuel our problems and gives natural areas added value as rejuvenators of our biological and spiritual integrity. For a sampling of the activities and process read Counseling and Nature. Read reactions to the
WMWE process
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BOOK REVIEW of Well Mind, Well Earth

Reviewed by Dr. Daniel Levine in Legacy, the Journal of the National Association for Interpretation

Immediate. Provocative. Gratifying. Imperative. These words came to mind at the conclusion of Dr. Michael J. Cohen's August 1991 Project NatureConnect sensory activity training workshop. Enthused, I asked Mike to present the workshop to students and teachers of two school districts. He did, and their happy response to it further heightened my interest. We desperately need to solve our runaway problems. Here was a simple, practical and stimulating way to do so.

I learned that in counseling and educational settings that incorporate Project NatureConnect inspirational activities, unique sensory contact with natural areas reduces personal, social and environmal disorders. At first, I questioned that. It seems too ideal, almost utopian. The process has long proved itself at the renowned, but cloistered, National Audubon outdoor environmental education program which Dr. Cohen founded in 1959. He spent 26 years there, intensely living, learning and teaching outdoors. But how and why is his Applied Ecopsychology effective elsewhere? I needed practical and down to earth information. Reading Mike's new work, Well Mind, Well Earth provided it and it includes his book Connecting With Nature. It shows that we seldom deal with the underlying cause of our destructive dependencies and dysfunctions. Like an arm painfully pulled from a living body, we are extremely separated from nature and beauty. Sadly, the deteriorating state of the natural world and humanity reflects this painful separation.

No knowledgeable person disputes that our natural senses and emotions are of, by and from the biological world. Well Mind, Well Earth validates that nature endows each of us with, not just 5, but over 53 natural connective senses including hunger, thirst, nurturing, place, community, esthetics, self and belonging. It clearly shows how, in our culture, we learn early in our lives to disconnect from, assault and abandon nature, our natural environment and our natural self. Our emotional inner nature registers painful stress/abandonment and dispels it by hiding it. Some call its hiding place the subconscious or spiritual mind.

Our potential for establishing responsible relationships collapses whenever an expectation or rejection triggers this hidden abandonment pain. Fear and apathy arise. Although over 40% of the public is in counseling to help us deal with this phenomenon, most counseling takes place entirely indoors.

Mike's science book, workshops, courses and personal experiences substantiate that connecting directly with natural areas fosters responsible enjoyment that reduces stress and abandonment fears. This makes perfect sense; disconnection from nature produces abandonment pain and dysfunctions, re-connection produces joy, sensory regeneration and bonding. Project NatureConnect's problem is that it goes against our prejudicial "indoors is best" thinking. Connecting with nature works best in natural areas and they are usually outdoors.

From his decades outdoors, Mike has devised and collected enjoyable, short, well researched nature-connecting education activities. In backyards, parks or back country, even in terrariums, they catalyze lasting supportive, environmental and interpersonal satisfactions. Each hands-on sensory experience reduces stress and abandonment fears while promoting healthy bonds, minds and environments. Incorporating these activities in counseling and education allows the natural world and its integrity to become a co-counselor and teacher.

No society has ever established socially and environmentally sound relationships without having strong bonds to the natural world within and about it. It is always Mother Earth's dedication, love and passion for all of life that bonds, motivates and guides natural beings, including people, to support each other. Without question, Well Mind, Well Earth is a book of major significance who's vital contribution deserves our attention. It supplies counselors and educators with tools that let nature nurture.

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Einstein's World

Natural Attractions, Intelligences and Sanity

Educating and counseling with 53 senses that build thoughtful web of life relationships


Our destructive problems don't exist in unadulterated nature. Einstein's World offers a natural, enjoyable, readily available way for us, as part of nature, to similarly relate in society. It's nature inspirational science enables us to add the way nature works to our thinking and relationships and teach others to do the same locally and globally.

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The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power

This is experiential hands on, all senses engaged education. It is my own "work book" for thinking and writing down my experiences as I grow. I have read and done the "exercises" several times and I keep learning more. It is a chance to validate and be validated through natural observations and connections.
It is the culmination of the authors years of field work and a life time of helping people come to realize how connected we all are to Earth and each other.
I use it to grow my ever expanding knowledge of Earth being our "Other body". As healthy as earth is, we are. As ill as earth is, we are.
I use this book to help Heroin/opiate addicts get reconnected to life and let go of the addictive behavior that is killing them. We are all in recovery from something.
This book helps me follow my natural attractions to life again. It helps me be free to live connected to this wonderful living planet.
The book is an invitation to live, and I love it!

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How Nature Works

Regenerating Kinship With Planet Earth

Our buy-books-online-store reviews this book of personal experiences by Michael J. Cohen. Conference Edition, World Peace University Press, 1987, illustrated, 230 pages 5 1/2 x 81/2, Soft cover, $10.55 postage paid. Overseas postage extra. Order form here P.O. Box 1605, Friday Harbor, WA 98250.

As you read these words you are conscious of each word, not their individual letters. Yet when we were children, it was letters--not words--that caught our attention. Our upbringing and education refocus us to our present state.

Dr. Mike Cohen, from extensive outdoor research, finds that to our cost, our upbringing hides not only alphabet letters from our view, it blinds us to important aspects of nature, too. Through unique and sometimes hilarious confrontations, we discover that the workings of nature, once recognized, give us excellent instruction for living more harmoniously. Dr. Cohen's courses demonstrate this spiritual science process in action.

Painstakingly, humorously, this high school or college book takes us on Dr. Cohen's life journey across the planet. We locate otherwise hidden natural powers and senses. We discover how, at birth, we each embody the global life system, and why our road to cultural maturity turns us against it.

Cohen's educational science methods give us the means to reunite the earth's vital nature with our own. We learn to enjoy our ancient connections with the planet. That kinship guides us to nature's peace.

This self-guiding training manual offers unique nature connecting activities that evolved from thirty-five years of educational and psychological research in natural areas. Dramatically, the activities reverse our estrangement from nature and its negative effects as they renew over 49 inherent natural senses and fulfillments. The process awakens repressed natural feelings of love and understanding. It fills the inspirational and sensory voids that fuel our problems and gives natural areas added value as rejuvenators of our biological and spiritual integrity.

"Mike Cohen is a crackerjack teacher. What counts is that his words help us do what we must do to save ourselves and Gaia."

- Pete Seeger


"Delightful, illuminating communication at its best--contains stories and guidance for experiencing Nature in the full thrill of her presence. Playful, scientific, but not academic. Take it and read!"

- Dr. Thomas Berry, Founder and Director,
Riverdale Center of Religious Research


"A worthwhile, thought-provoking, hard look at our relationships with Planet Earth as a living organism."

- Marshal Case, Director of Education, National Audubon Society

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Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature
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What you can do:

The Orientation Course, "Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship"responds to 32 critical life relationship questions. They are answered by enabling you to enjoy and then share online ten authentic, sensory, Nature connected attraction experiences over a 12 day to 5-week period. It uses the books Web of Life Imperative and Reconnecting With Nature which also are used in additional online courses


After you obtain information about the Project NatureConnect program from this web site by using the Navigation guide (left column), a free, helpful 15 minute discussion by phone with a faculty member is the most efficient way to customize the program to your goals.


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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All programs start with the Orientation Course contained
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The Web of Life Imperative.


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