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The Whole Life Art and Science of Educating, Counseling and Healing
With Nature (ECHN)

Organic E
cotherapy Degrees and Courses Online

Are you one of the gifted few
that treasures your natural capacity to love the life and intelligence of Nature and Earth in and around us?  If so, you can strengthen this gift and help others enjoy it in themselves through the application of Ecopsychology.

Validate your spirit. Certify and proclaim the value of your unique and wonderful aliveness. Enjoy a life and livelihood that strengthens the person you naturally are, your interests and your special love of Nature. 

ECHN online certification or degrees and training enable you to create authentic, whole life attraction moments in natural areas. You master how to let the self-correcting life of Earth reasonably touch, blend with and teach your 54 natural senses to increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

Make your love of Nature a powerful part of your relationships and career.

Organic Ecopsychology: The Whole of Nature's Life is Your Life

"Through attraction communications that you can discover in natural areas, your life is loved as part of the
life of our
planet. Similarly, as a seamless continuum of Earth's life your heart, fingers and toes love to
commune while they support their life in you."


Tired of the nonsense in your personal life and society? 

Stop it. 

Learn how to create moments that let Earth teach, backyard or backcountry.

Become smarter.

Reasonably think, feel and act with the 54 natural senses
you inherit from Nature,
not the non-sense of just five.

ntifically, Nature's universe
moment-by-moment is attracted or loves to create the whole life of its time and space.  That intelligent essence is what makes the world go round.
We each have 54-different natural senses that register this love. These senses, including our senses of reason and consciousness, are supported by its embrace as it renews and strengthens them and vice versa.

For example:
our sense of hunger loves food that it recycles into food for the life of Earth

Today, we indoctrinate our senses, sensibilities and feelings to incorrectly treat Planet Earth as if it was dead or mechanical. This does not make sense. It deteriorates Earth's life that is our life.
ECHN ecotherapy empowers anyone to reverse this ever-increasing personal and global catastrophe.  This is a reasonable thing to do. We are Earthlings, we live in Gaia, the life our planet, under its atmosphere, as part of its biosphere. The wisdom of its life in balance is the wisdom of our life when we consciously connect ourselves and our stories to it.

ECHN enables us to connect.

It is a scientific fact that
in any given moment, our life is Earth's love of its life (survival) being the special loving personhood of each of us and vice-versa. This is also true for all other people, places and things that make up the life of our planet and Nature.

Moment-by-moment, our life contributes to the life of Earth because it is it. 

To our loss, when we act from unscientific or outdated stories, they disconnect us from Earth's life in the moment. This loss injures our planet and hurts our body, mind and spirit. We live under the potential of experiencing that hurt again. We spend most of our lives trying to reduce or avoid it as we learn and are paid to produce it.

Our established education, counseling and healing are irrational. They seldom teach us how to reconnect with the self-correcting powers of Nature, that the life of Nature and Earth is the expert fountainhead of authority on itself. The results of this omission speak for themselves.

Be reasonable. Learn how to use the ecopsychology of ECHN to constructively blend together the life of Nature and our destructive stories while you are in a natural area, backyard or backcountry. These ingrained stories need that natural time and space to transform into the benefits of the whole-life truths that we long for today.

The whole life art and science of ECHN empowers you
to create moments that let Earth teach, backyard or backcountry.  It enables your heart to speak from authentic Nature's ways and share this experience with others by email. You produce legitimate Earth-based stories that strengthen the natural world, you and others.  You help Nature bring back to life the dead element of Industrial Society that deteriorates it and you.

Once you do an ECHN nature-reconnecting activity and strengthen your well-being, you become your own boss in this regard. You independently own that ECHN process and its results forever. You can apply it again and again as well as teach it to others as a responsibility, hobby or livelihood.

Can you hear the life of Earth asking you to use ECHN to increase the peace and happiness of personal, social and global well-being for yourself and all others great and small?  If so, why not increase your integrity and happiness.  Learn what you want to know.  Start our Orientation Program right now. 
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Project NatureConnect
Ecopsychology in Action

P. O. Box 1605, Friday Harbor, WA

Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.
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in cooperation with

Portland State University CEU Courses

Akamai University Applied Ecopsychology

international Accreditation

Creating moments that let Earth teach:
Subsidized Online Courses, Degrees, Certifications and Training in Organic Forms of Ecotherapy, Psychology and Relationship Building.

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INTRODUCTION: Living Earth Sensitivity and Recovery Training

When you take a slice out of a ball neither the ball nor slice will roll with the perfection of when they were together.
- Michael J. Cohen

The Whole Life Art and Science of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature Ecotherapy Process

ECHN gives you special advantages

Benefit from our subsidized applied ecopsychology courses, training, certifications and degrees. They validate and support the life of any nature lover who recognizes that:
  • Planet Earth is a living organism
    - It is the only one we know.
    - It should be protected under an Endangered Species Act.

  • The beautiful life of Earth and our life are identical. What hurts one, hurts the other. ECHN helps you enjoyably transform what's hurtful into what's helpful.

  • We are continually educated, counseled and paid to corrupt natural life in and around us. Hasn't this already happened to you and yours in some way so you suffer from it?
    Earth is a life source for all, not a resource for profits and excessiveness.

  • Earth's unadulterated web-of-life perfection only acts in mutually supportive ways. Its self-correcting process does not produce garbage, everything is attractive, in balance and belongs, including you and yours.

  • Like the life of Nature itself, except for humanity, our living planet does not communicate in words or stories. It is speechless and non-literate. It does not write books or create videos or stories or understand them. When the latter are unscientific or outdated they deteriorate and corrupt the speechless  plants, animals, minerals and energies of Earth's web-of-life community, including our natural self inner nature.

  • Moment by moment, each of Earth's "storyless" life relationships, great or small supportively commune their whole life integrity as it constantly grows.

    • It makes sense that pond life lives in the life of the pond.  Similarly, it makes sense that we live in Organism Earth/Gaia and its balanced, self-sustaining ways, not just on it. It is our nature-disconnecting stories that remove us from it in and around us.

      Our "objective" science stories have indoctrinated us to excessively build and swim our lives in human built artificial, cement or plastic, heated swimming pools without including whole-life ECHN contact with and information or consent from Earth's natural aliveness in balance.

      Our lives and loves are excessively concentrated on coping with chemicals in our artificial pool water, making money for using the pool, depleting resources to build, operate and maintain the pool and building more pools. We obtain prestige and get paid not to swim in Nature's aliveness, the life stream dance of our planet home.

  • Today, our lives increasingly lose "subjective" conscious 54-sense contact with the beneficial natural balance and self-sustaining life of Earth. The personal and global miseries that result are self-evident. This nightmare is not a dream, rather it is "normal" and unjustly profitable until it collapses from lack of "whole life" ECHN as is now occurring.

    • ECHN blends and binds the objective with the subjective. It works because that is how Nature works.

  • Omitting ECHN from our education, relationships and lives disconnects the integrity our wholeness.  It is as unreasonable as expecting to live well by paying for today's goods and services with outdated Confederate money. No surprise, this does not work as Earth Misery Day demonstrates.

    • Our disconnectedness makes us lose whole life satisfaction and this makes us want. We sense and feel that there is never enough.  That sensation is the underlying source of our greed, disorders and unrest. It explains why quiet time in a natural area calms and restores us.

  • ECHN is an ecopsychology and ecotherapy tool that helps us genuinely connect ourselves with our planet's self-correcting, immediate aliveness and get up to date, authentic, whole life moment information about how to be in balance with the life-dance of Earth within and about us.

  • Any reasonable person can use ECHN to remedy and prevent the hurt and disorders that they and others suffer from being indoctrinated to excessively and habitually disconnect from the self-correcting wholeness and integrity of our planet's life as its dance flows through us.
    Your class is forming now
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

ECHN Summary:

Science produces knowledge from logical, systematic methods whose accepted evidence excludes myths, the mystical and other unprovable information. For this reason the founding story of Industrial Society is incorrect. Outdated, it is not based on the science of Planet Earth being a living organism while overwhelming evidence shows that Earth is alive. Its life is our life and we are not dead. To the contrary, we are organisms that can speak, that some call Earthlings.
At birth and before, our senses and feelings register Earth as a living organism and that they are its life being them. They register the life of Earth as a planet womb that completely envelopes and supports our childhood and adult life.

Sadly, our dead Earth foundation stories excessively disconnect us from Nature's balance and beauty and this injures our lives. The stories are foreign to Nature. Nature/Earth is speechless, vulnerable and non-responsive to them. 

Our disconnection stories make us habitually deny our shared life relationship with Organism Earth and reject that we inherit 54 sensory ways of loving our Planet Mother and receiving love from her. To our loss, our stories too often detach our natural senses from Nature and reattach them to our nature-estranged ways along with their destructive effects and short-term gratifications. 

The pain of our unreasonable sensory disconnection from our Planet Mother's life and love produces discontents that undermine our relationships. We lose whole life satisfaction and this makes us want. We sense and feel that there is never enough.  That sensation is the underlying source of our greed, disorders and unrest. It explains why quiet time in a natural area calms and restores us.

The whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) empowers us to sensory reconnect with and embrace the self-correcting life of Organism Earth. This helps us recognize Organism Earth as an endangered species, one that deserves the missing love, protection and support that our 54 natural senses can give it as it strengthens them.

Our faulty foundation's education, healing and politics produce corrupt stories and relationships because they do not create ECHN moments the let Organism Earth teach our 54 senses what we need to know to come into balance with its life around as as us.  To be reasonable and happy we must use ECHN to reverse the catastrophic effects of our faulty foundation story.

How can we win the battle to increase the well-being of our planet/person life without strengthening our inborn ability to know and love our planet home as Organism Earth rather than an exploitable resource? ECHN enables our body, mind, and spirit to accomplish the former. It reconnects, recycles and transforms our hurt 54 natural attraction/love senses so they once more embrace Nature in and around us. This reverses our deterioration of the life of Earth and us. It transforms our corrupt foundation and its miseries into the happiness of whole life well-being.


Education, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN): The Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy Process of Whole Life Art,  Science and Spirit in Action

We hold in common with the the web-of-life, a basic
natural attraction to survive. It is our inherent love of the life of Earth, the universe and ourselves. That natural love is our deepest desire to live in happy balance moment by moment.

The essence of natural attraction is its love to unite things. The essence of everything consists of and shares this love. It includes our love of our senses of reason, consciousness, literacy, community and music along with our 50 additional natural attraction senses.

Nature's love was attracted to love
us into being so that we each, in our unique and special ways, help nature strengthen it's love of its whole life, moment-by-moment.
“Flat outstretched upon a mound
Of earth I lie; I press my ear
Against its surface and I hear
Far off and deep, the measured sound
Of heart that beats within the ground.
And with it pounds in harmony
The swift, familiar heart in me.
They pulse as one, together swell,
Together fall; I cannot tell
My sound from earth's, for I am part
Of rhythmic, universal heart.”

― Elizabeth Odell

Project NatureConnect's
sensory whole life ECHN art and science enables anybody to reasonably create ecotherapy attraction/love unified life moments in natural areas.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

These moments consist of
54-sense connections with Nature, backyard of back country. They strengthen us and release us from, rather than further attach us to, the half-truth and artificial replacements for authentic Nature that produce our runaway miseries.  Each whole life moment is an antidote for our wide range of nature deficit disorders
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313 

We personally can avoid and remedy most problems by gaining 54-sense answers and their satisfactions through genuinely connecting to the life of Earth's Unified Field (Einstein), an essence that exists in and around us.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

Each of our 54 sense connections helps our inborn love of life bring back into play the truths that our objective science and thinking omit as being "subjective." To our loss, this omission includes the inborn "subjectivity" of our love of life, our love to survive and our love of Nature and Earth. ECHN reconnecting back to Nature ecotherapy helps us recover and strengthen these loves.

"I believe that the Universe is one being all its parts are different expressions of the same energy and they are all in communication with each other therefore parts of one organic whole. This whole is in all its parts so beautiful and is felt by me to be so intensely in earnest that I am compelled to love it and to think of it as divine."

Robinson Jeffers

The established ways of Industrial Society teach us to think using only 8 of of our 54 natural senses (15%) because most of these other senses are "subjective." For this reason alone, most senses are rejected by our objectivity.

Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

As the disastrous state of the world demonstrates, our objectivity is only 15 percent whole-life intelligent. It needs to learn and teach the ecotherapeutic 54-sense art and science of ECHN. 

We must learn from Earth itself how its perfection works. There may be no other better instructor for it since it is the fountainhead of authority on how it works.

Amalgamating our senses with the life of our Planet produces responsible relationships and happiness for we are it doing it. This is a giant positive step beyond book learning.

We hold our 54-sense/sensations/sensitivities in common with each other and with the life of Earth. Via ECHN ecopsychology, in any given moment they sensibly make, and help us make, whole life sense.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

We desperately need the support ECHN gives to our lives and the lives of those we love.

It is stupid or insane for any of us to knowledgeably destroy our own life-support system when the ECHN means to not do this is readily available. 

"We have repressed far more than our sexuality: our very organic nature is now unconscious to most of us, most of the time, and we have become shrunken into two dimensional social or cultural beings, aware of only five of the hundreds of senses that link us to the rich biological nature that underlies and nourishes these more symbolic and recent aspects of ourselves."

― Norman O. Brown

Be reasonable.

It is 2015 A.D. It is no longer scientifically possible to prove that our Planet is dead.

It is time to realize that nobody has ever been able to distinguish the whole life difference between life and death. That difference is imaginary. Our ability to communicate through stories is what can die.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

Your practice or education in any field is
inappropriate and destructive before it begins when it does not start with Earth being a wise and sensitive living organism.

Think about this: is your education or training Certified Organic? 
Does it Warranty its accuracy? Why not? We are at risk.  What are "Education" and the others that it educates waiting for?

The Applied Ecopsychology unified art and science of ECHN organically produces the long term, living Earth well-being that you can add to your life. Presently, ECHN is desperately missing in our learning and lives.

You can add ECHN to any or all of your interests and benefit forever.
Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there - I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints in snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
As you awake with morning's hush
I am the swift-up-flinging rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there - I did not die.

― Mary Frye

Project NatureConnect supports you building for yourself a critically important ECHN right livelihood or hobby. It is a sorely needed organic way of increasing personal, social and environmental well-being.

Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

Subjective or not, sensations and feelings exist. They are self-evident facts of life that are just as real and true as are material facts. For example: the living sensation of thirst is as real and true as is the life of material water.

ECHN helps your thinking to become 100 percent, 54-sense intelligent in conjunction with natural areas, backyard or backcountry, to make reasonable changes and help others do the same.

ECHN also enables you let Nature be a trustable "higher power" when you seek it.

We support folks who in their heart know ECHN is the right and wise thing for them to learn. To not use it leaves us to continue to do what we've been doing and producing its miseries while not knowing how to stop.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

Without ECHN, our objectivity and fables have taught us to omit 85 percent of our sensibilities. Like idiots, we construct, get paid for and endure life out of balance.  This injures us. It is unreasonable and unjust. It illegally violates our rights to life and the pursuit of happiness as it eviscerates the life of Earth and us.

ECHN activity moments blend the life of our Planet with our otherwise disconnected 54 natural senses to increase personal, social and and global well-being. This process does not work for individuals or groups that do not recognize that Earth is a living organism.  They, instead, build their relationships with information about how to live from a lifeless, mechanical Earth that their nature-disconnected stories have invented. This makes them into subjects of Industrial Society's runaway mechanics and spirituality. The results of this short-circuit speak for themselves.

ECHN Faculty

Are you one of the few that treasures your natural capacity to love or appreciate the life of Nature and our Planet, in and around us?  If so you can become certified  or get a degree in what you already love, understand and can do.

You may take who you are and implement the much needed whole-life art and science of ECHN to reduce hurt and heal yourself. You can help others do the same. Your life can make a major difference in reducing our excessive life ways.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

It makes perfect sense to support and strengthen the sensible, 54-sense "subjective" part of yourself. Get smart. Become whole-life intelligent.

Application Your class is forming now

"A roaring brook refreshed me. I have been cheered by the song of a thrush and renewed by the sea breeze. A wildflower's fragrance brought me joy. Each experience was a purifying, self-evident moment of love when the aliveness of nature's dance in and as me genuinely reconnected to its dance around me. The combined art and science of this ECHN program help me, at will, make the self-correcting powers of such moments available for myself and  others, at work or play

I am in conscious sensory contact with both my story world and my non-story  Earth-self. Like a Rosetta Stone, I help the two reasonably communicate with each other, in and around me, through 54 unified and unifying natural senses that both hold in common.
Doing this feels sensible and good. It makes me happy. It has replaced my attachments and vulnerability to stupid and outdated stories and relationships."

ECHN Student

Start the ECHN Introductory Course and your program here.  Why wouldn't you want to add this important benefit to your life and livelihood?

Application Your class is forming now
Subsidized Online Courses, Degrees, Certifications and Training in Organic Forms of Ecotherapy, Psychology and Relationship Building.  For complete application and participation information select here.
Free: You can instantly become a grant funded student here because doing this work is critical.  It becomes increasingly needed as we become increasingly unbalanced.

Give the world the ECHN expertise it needs. Donate to our Student Financial Assistance non-profit trust
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The Impossible Dream Warranty
: love it, live it and share its undeniable truth.


Albert Einstein Sensory Ecology Track

This funded 18 month B.S,
M.S. or Ph.D. incorporates your life experience, prior training & skills. The value and contribution of your deeper self can be certified.

The Essence of Unity Video: Discover how you and I are the aliveness and grace of our planet.

Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.
SPECIAL NOTE:  On-site training with Dr. Cohen available by appointment
Help me with my New Years Resolution 2015

The responsibility of education, counseling and healing is to give people the things they need in order to grow into contributing and wholesome members of their society and its status today.

What was needed in ancient times to achieve this is history. It has very little in common with with the advanced knowledge, science and technologies that are necessary to live a safe and healthy life that benefits from today's advanced opportunities and challenges .

To maintain and support reasonable personal, social and environmental well-being, the core of what we learn must include that Planet Earth is a Living Organism. It has the attraction energy capacity to correct, balance and purify itself in peace.
As part of it, learning how to reconnect with its authenticity empowers you do the same, no matter your interests, beliefs or economic status.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

Educate yourself to learn how to remember what you inherently know and are paid to forget.

Because our leaders identify our
disorders but don't give
tools to remedy them, we give you them, free,
here and now.

Nature-Connected Education, Counseling and Healing (ECHN)
Programs With Attitude
Organic Degrees and Life Experience Courses, CEU Training, Grants and Financial Assistance.

You can "stop the madness" because, backyard or backcountry, ECHN enables you to learn, free, from immediate self-evidence, how to create restorative moments that let Earth teach you what you need to know to come into personal and global well-being.

You can help your body, mind and spirit relate to our living Planet Earth as our whole, speechless body.

If you have ever had a good experience in nature that reduced your stress, cleared your mind and/or renewed your spirit, you know exactly how and why this program succeeds. It is because it enables you to instantly think and feel like nature's self-correcting wisdom works, moment by moment, long term. You improve your life by accrediting that you can connect with this knowledge and that you can teach it to others.

In our excessively nature-disconnected society most folks are destructively addicted to something that relieves their pain from their disconnection. No surprise, reconnecting with the self-purifying powers of nature helps them transform their stress and addiction into organic ways of thinking, feeling and relating in balance.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

Because this accredited and guaranteed sensory tool for building mutually supportive
relationships works, its grant program instantly enables you and our leaders to reverse personal, social and environmental disorders.

Our unique, no-nonsense, ecotherapy techniques help you directly enlist and apply nature's correcting and purifying powers. Free of charge, they give you the ability to restore our ill-treated body, mind and spirit by letting nature heal itself, in and around us.

We offer the impossible dream, a low cost, hands-on process online that engages the benefits of nature's recycling energies when added to any relationship, therapy, profession or healing practice.

  • Project NatureConnect gives you cooperative participation, competency-based, courses, careers and Applied Ecopsychology degree programs that increase local and global well-being ...distance education ...significant ...hands-on ...exploratory  ...interactive ...guaranteed effective ...Ecotherapy ...Integral Ecology...

  • AFFORDABLE TUITION: We are a subsidized online learning community of all ages: only $6,000 B.S .... $6,000 M.S....$7,800 Ph.D. along with interest-free financial assistance or a grant if you need it.
  • TRUST SAFELY. This program is about you learning the important things that you want to know without going broke. You can: 
  • Learn how to consistently think and feel with the peak fact, unadulterated clarity and happiness of nature's perfection that you were born with and have already enjoyed in attractive natural areas.
  • Enable others to use and teach the astonishing science and peace of this uncorrupted mental health, stress reduction process. See our Valentine's Day special for every day of the year.

  • Empower yourself and our leaders to benefit from purifying time and energy spent in natural areas, garden to wilderness.
  • Build a scientific whole life, 54-sense structure in your psyche that registers, values and sustains forever the deep sensory truths you find in nature, in and around you.  We hold, certify and warranty these balancing truths to be self-evident.
    Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313
    • Over 99 percent of how we think and feel is disconnected from nature's self-correcting and restorative ways of the eons.

    • More than 95 percent of our time on Earth is spent indoors, boxed in and away from nature's balanced perfections. 

    • WE HELP YOU take a giant step beyond lip service. You learn how to genuinely think and feel outside the box.

You and I are unbalanced because the intelligence of our inherent natural psyche is abandoned and stressed like a fish out of water.  Nature's authentic whole-life dance is homeless in most people's mind and spirit. We have lost daily contact with its unifying energies, balance and peace.

We have learned to live like people in a room filled with lazer beams that we can't see. Every time we move too far towards something whole-life reasonable we get burned.

Project NatureConnect provides you with safe, free, award winning, "Rosetta Stone," sensory activities to safely achieve whole-life thoughts, feelings and relationships. They work because they help you reasonably utilize nature's renewing energies to remedy the uncomfortable estrangement of our mind, spirit and soul from the natural world.

Because they are a free, instant and purifying antidote for our disastrous corruption, our activities give you the ability to increase health and wellness as well as benefit from nature as higher power.

If you invented a pill with the immediate whole-life balancing, purifying and healing powers of nature's love, you would become a billionaire overnight because the pill's side effects, rather than being destructive, would increase the wellness of society and the environment. Our ECHN courses are that pill. You can learn and teach them as a livelihood and get your clients credit for their work with you. You can increase your well-being by personifying the ECHN process.
Questions? Call Mike: 360-378-6313

Your Sitemap: Use our annotated Index and Contents to guide you through this website. Please visit this page and bookmark it.

Recommended: Take the new, self-paced, guided express tour through the highlights of ECHN and and its opportunities.  Select Here

Your Sitemap: Use our annotated Index and Contents to guide you through this website. Please visit this page and bookmark it.

Highly Recommended: Take the new, self-paced, guided express tour through the highlights of ECHN and and its opportunities.  Select Here





Project NatureConnect
in cooperation with
Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology
Portland State University Extended Studies

P. O. Box 1605, Friday Harbor, WA
98250     PHONE:

What's this Warranty?  
Founder/Director Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.


Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN)

Become a sensitive and cooperative part of our living organism body, Planet Earth and help others do the same.

Practical, green, online, low-cost degree programs, courses and holistic career training based on the whole life art and science of Natural Attraction Ecology


Dear Visitor,

A hearty welcome to you and many thanks for visiting our website.

Are you aware that individuals who have enjoyed a quiet visit in a natural area report that their contact with nature's balance and beauty increased their joy and well-being. They say that the connection renewed their aliveness, cleared their mind and energized their spirit. By helping us consciously tap into this power of nature and its benefits, in lasting ways, the process of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) enables anyone, at anytime, to increase personal, social and environmental wellness, and help others do the same.

ECHN students learn how to let authentic nature's self-correcting dance genuinely connect with their heart, mind and essence. This empowers them, along with their clients and friends, to increase well being anywhere. Grants are available for learning how to think, feel and relate like nature's unique perfection works..

If you value or honor your good experiences with nature, you may:
  •   Benefit from adding a balanced thinking and relationships career, job or hobby to your life.
  •   Learn the science of genuinely connecting our psyche to the grace and corrective energies of nature.
  •   Renew your living earth bonds. Strengthen global life sustainability.
  •   Stop fraud. In cooperative community, be renewed by the joyful aliveness dance of nature's regenerative ways and spirit, in and around you.

Applied Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy in Action:





-identifies the point source of our increasing disorders and helps individuals and programs address our addiction to it. 
-offers 50 years of experiencing and relating to Planet Earth as a living organism and creating moments that let Earth teach what we need to know.
-enlists Nature as a higher power that is constantly available to help us come into balance via sensory, nature-connecting activities.
  • Strengthen your cause or livelihood.  Obtain an inexpensive Ph.D., M.S. CEU's, Certifications or other supportive credentials, by adding Applied Ecopsychology to what you want to do.
  • You can make Project NatureConnect be an income-producing, online, degree or training program that is part of your job, school or company.
  • Help people lastingly sustain the good experiences they enjoy in nature. Learn to use, teach and profit from sensory nature-connecting activities. 
  • Improve your life and all of life. Add the phenomenal balancing and purifying powers of nature's restorative attributes to how you think and feel.

  • Discover how to recycle and correct Industrial Society's great underlying disorder while you remedy its hurtful symptoms.

  • Join and support Project NatureConnect's New Copernican Revolution
Your First Step: Our Online Orientation Course (enroll here)  

"The short-term stress-reduction effects of a quiet walk in the park clearly demonstrate that most people have an inherent sensory healing attraction to nature. However, long-term, it usually escapes the way they are trained to think. If they search for it for a thousand years, they may first find its peace.

With this program, I learn how to walk out my back door and immediately connect my thoughts and feelings with the colorful purity of a rainbow...with the intelligent life-dance of the trees, the grass, the song of the wind...the clouds.  This is an undeniable fact and experience, not my imagination, so it is lasting.  My reasoning senses my natural attraction and I respect nature's renewing balance and beauty.

I love how these ecopsychology activities help nature's vitality consciously flow through me at will. Connecting my natural senses with the enchanting wisdom of our living Planet increases my honesty, clears my head and opens my heart

The perk of my livelihood is that I am
paid to teach others the science of this beautiful, eco-intelligent path to well-being."

- Anonymous ECHN Participant

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Project NatureConnect (PNC)
in cooperation with
Akamai University, Institute of Applied Ecopsychology
Portland State University Extended Studies

San Juan Island: P.O. Box 1605, Friday Harbor, WA 360-378-6313

What's this Warranty?  

Mission Statement:

We dedicate ourselves to help any individual learn how to create
authentic sensory moments that let Earth teach. To this end we offer the art and science of whole life methods and materials. They remedy our destructive disconnection from nature's balancing ways. They empower the United Nations to meet its sustainability manifesto for  personal and global peace, environmentally sound education and social justice.


"Here is the great secret that you really need to know"
Education, Counseling and Healing With Nature, (ECHN)


Although we are part of nature, we live excessively indoor lives. The duality of our enormous separation from the natural world interferes with our body, mind and spirit applying and benefiting from the self-correcting way nature works to sustain our planet's health, balance and purity, around and in us.

Because Industrial Society's indoor learning process teaches us how to think and feel in excessively nature-disconnected ways, our separation from nature's restorative recycling powers creates addictive mind pollution in our psyche. This contamination warps our thoughts and feelings.  Its fraud causes us to create and suffer personal, social and environmental problems that are seldom found in unadulterated nature or in nature-connected people(s).

In Industrial Society, twists in our mentality and the disorders they produce have a corrupt point source of origin. For a peaceful world in balance and wellness, we must each identify and correct this detrimental point source.  Project NatureConnect gives any interested person the tools to accomplish this crucial feat.

The point source of our troubles is our denial. We deny that our natural senses and sensitivities are excessively stressed due to our disconnectedness from nature.

We seldom recognize that we traumatize our senses because our society's prejudice to conquer nature makes these sensibilities endure unbalanced, disturbing, nature-disconnected fulfillments.

The profound loss of nature's purifying and healing powers to our body, mind and spirit causes us to continually want and when we want there is never enough.

The torment of our emotional wanting is a form of mind pollution. It produces a wounded sensory imbalance, a painful short circuit in our psyche that warps our intelligence, thoughts and feelings.  It results in our injurious stress, greed, disorders and dysfunctions, locally and globally. 

Our incessant wanting goads us into yearly using 150 percent more "natural resources" than our Planet produces, even while we are fully aware that this is a dangerous and unreasonable relationship.  It makes us feel stupid or inadequate, so we further want.  No matter how rich or poor we are, most of us feel we need 15 percent more money.

The remedy for our mind polluting wants is the science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature
(ECHN).  Its holistic methods and materials are sensory contact tools. Backyard or backcountry, they let nature's momentous self-correcting and balancing powers reasonably satisfy us in uncorrupt ways and help us improve well-being at every level.

There is hope if we use and teach ECHN. It's organic antidote and preventative for our disorders provides us with a unique sensory art and technology, Natural Attraction Ecology. This potent application of Ecopsychology enables us to
remedy our polluted thoughts and feelings.

ECHN works because it lets the dance of nature's ways help our intelligence compost the fraud and duality of our harmful industrial addictions and recycle them into constructive relationships.

ECHN starts with a subsidized, online Orientation Course. It offers nature-connecting methods and materials that one can immediately apply to their life and livelihood. 

Additional course work and book enables you to master the ECHN process under professional guidance, so that you can teach it, or use it to enhance your career or hobby.

As part of the ECHN
process you may attain Certification, or a subsidized Master's or Ph.D. degree in Applied Ecopsychology. 

ECHN provides us with the organic sensory tools that we critically need, but that are seldom provided, to solve our problems. 

ECHN helps us, locally or globally, walk hand in hand while enveloped in the real-life beauty and cooperation of nature's amazing grace.  You can start doing this right now.
 Begin here.

"Being immersed in this class and learning how to actively ask Nature to teach me what I needed to know and to help me understand it and grow has been a godsend. Contact with nature has shown me how to find peace in the midst of absolute chaos, healing and balance in the midst of total melt-downs."

- ECHN Course Participant



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ECHN provides a revolutionary, yet practical, antidote and preventative for the detrimental ways that we learn to think and act in Industrial Society. It is an antidote for fraud, a pure eco-intelligence that helps you to experience and trust first-hand, a wide range of significant true-to-life information we often learn to overlook.

Our students come from many religions and philosophies or from no religious background.  By energizing into consciousness our excessively subdued 53 natural senses and sensibilities, the program supports and strengthens connections between nature, reason and spirit at every level.

Use these pages to discover how, for survival in balance, humanity and nature inherently support each other and how, for excessive financial profit and to our loss, we are socialized to deteriorate our vital relationship with nature. Use our Sitemap to help you locate specific information

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Note that all our programs start with our practical, self-empowering Orientation Course. We invite you to read an article about its value and effects.

"This is the course that every civilized person will be required to take if we are to reverse our runaway disorders."

- Raymond Sierra, Counselor

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Website Synopsis

"Creation is a non-corrupt, attractive and alive process that is conscious of itself at some level. Our universe consists of various stages of attraction relationships that have grown from the attraction of the life of the universe to strengthen its life. It fortifies its life by growing diverse, mutually supportive, attraction relationships at every level except one.

- Michael J. Cohen

Humans have spent 99.9 per cent of their evolutionary history in natural environments. In this light, getting back to nature is a psychological and physiological homecoming.

Our good experiences in nature, along with our love of nature, demonstrate that all living things, including our planet and us, enjoy attractive optimums of life, cooperation, diversity and health when they are nurtured by the streaming and replenishing cycles of nature's dance.  If your consciousness recognizes and appreciates this truth, it is rare, remarkable and much needed. It/you deserve support in all possible ways. We are dedicated to empower you with methods, materials and financial assistance that help you get to where you want to go while helping others do the same.   

Nature purifies and renews itself, and us as part of it. Its life and intelligence achieve balance and beauty without producing garbage or our abusive and destructive effects.

The dance of nature's cycles and their restorative ways are attracted to flow through, in and around us. We inherit at least 53 natural senses that register our need of, and attractions to, nature's purifying cyclic flow.

Our genuine connection with nature's flow satisfies our natural senses. Consider, for example, the water cycle and our natural senses of thirst and excretion. The latter are felt-sense attractions to water that we experience and they are fulfilled by its flow in, through and out of us. The same thing is true for over 50 additional inherent natural senses that enable us to register and relate to the world in balanced ways. They include our senses of place, community, trust, belonging and consciousness, of sight, scent, reasoning, intuition and support.

The natural fulfillment of our natural senses attractively conveys to us that we are on the path to survival in balance. For example: water satisfies our sense of thirst; urination satisfies our sense of excretion. These satisfactions, plus 51 others, sensibly make us feel more content, happy and relieved.

Part of our satisfaction is that we know our natural personal sensory fulfillments also nurture and satisfy the functions of the water cycle as well as the needs of the global life community. Our excrements feed the web-of-life and its flow through us, and vice versa.

The balanced process, above, holds true for each and all our natural senses, sensitivities and sensibilities when we quietly visit a natural area. Most of us have had good experiences in nature that demonstrate this.  To our loss, as part of our conquest of nature, we learn to deny the significance and value of our nature-connected experiences, of our love of nature and its enchanting powers.

We produce our personal, social and environmental problems because, motivated by monetary profit, we excessively and irrationally bond/addict our natural senses to less adequate and often harmful artificial substitutes for their nurturing origins in nature. These substitutes are created by the bias of Industrial Society's nature-exploitive thinking. It attaches our mentality to corruption from misguided technologies, places and relationships.

"The unreasonable bias of Industrial Society rejects that our planet acts like an attractive living organism and that we are like a cell in it. We don't think we need to 'Do onto Earth and nature as we would have them do onto us.' However, the deteriorating state of life on Earth tells us otherwise."

- Michael J. Cohen

The prejudice in our thinking foolishly leads us to reward ourselves for separating ourselves from the balancing powers of nature's renewing purity, streaming and satisfactions. The time to correct this malfunction is sometimes referred to as the age of Aquarius

The result of our unbalanced nature-disconnected thoughts, feelings and spirit is that we become Eco Zombies, suffer too many disorders and we can seldom correct them.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

- Albert Einstein

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.Disconnection Breeds Discontent

Our disconnection of our thoughts and feelings from our life-giving contact with nature triggers our natural senses to register a disturbance. This disturbance alerts us that we have been disconnected from our support by the wisdom of Organism Earth and its integrity.  For example, over time, a lack of contact with water energizes one of our natural sensory attractions to water, our sense of thirst, into our awareness. We reasonably respond to this feeling by drinking water. Our appropriate action satisfies us. We feel fulfilled and happy from it.  Again, the same thing is true for over 50 additional natural senses that enable us to register and eco-intelligently relate to the world.

As demonstrated by a quiet walk in a natural area, the grace of nature's flow not only corrects, restores and balances life in the natural area.  While in contact with it, it also does the same with our corrupted thoughts, feelings and spirit.

We suffer most or our personal, social and environmental disorders because Industrial Society has indoctrinated us to live extremely nature-disconnected lives.

When we don't have nurturing contact with nature's powerful recycling and renewing properties, the imperfections of our substitutes for them leave our natural senses feeling unfulfilled. This creates in us a natural sensation of wanting.

Again, wanting signals that our psyche is aware that the balanced and healing wholeness of life is missing and that it needs it. Inherently, our psyche craves the sanity and survival values of nature's fulfilling equilibrium.

When we want there is never enough. We come to feel that we are not enough because we can't make ourselves feel full, complete, happy and giving. Our loss of our natural sensory sanity makes us become greedy, stressed and unbalanced.  These disorders deteriorate our well-being.

"Until mankind can extend the circle of his compassion to include all living things, he will never, himself, know peace."
-Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize, l950

.Rewards from Reconnection

The paragraphs, above, explain why even a short quiet walk in the park helps us feel renewed. The visit is a healing re-creation and reconnection of our psyche with its origins in nature. It is not just "recreation," or "an escape," or "a break from real life".  Rather, it is an authentic sensor connection to our natural essence.

As we habitually live, work and play in excessively separated ways from nature's regenerative natural attraction flow in natural areas, we remove our thinking and feeling from the whole-life wisdom of Mother Earth.

To decrease our injurious dualistic separation, backyard or backcountry, the accredited Ecopsychology science of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN), enables our thinking to, at will, make genuine, conscious, sensory connections with nature's restorative flow through and around us. Like a new Copernican revolution, the connections give our psyche nature's powers; they beneficially help us think, feel and relate like nature's balanced perfection works.  

The ability to apply ECHN is an important and teachable part of our daily lives. It helps us increase the integral health and welfare of all, including the nature of our living planet.  ENROLL NOW

"If a child in its mother's womb received an injection that addicted it to attack its mother, the lethal effects to mother and child would be obvious.  Similarly, as adults, our destructive addictions to exploiting and conquering mother nature, in and around us, make us attack and deteriorate the dance of our mother planet, Earth, and ourselves as part of it.
Identifying this problem is not enough. We must also learn how to make genuine sensory contact with
nature's corrective powers. They best enable us to recycle and transform our corrupt addictions into mutually supportive relationships with Earth and each other.

- Michael J. Cohen

.The Value of Non-Literate Wisdom

We are born with the natural ability to sense and feel how nature's global flow supports the purity of life in balance, in and around us.

At birth and thereafter, Industrial Society places tinted and warped, nature-conquering glasses over our eyes. To our loss, they hurtfully taint our perceptions and thinking about how nature works and benefits us. This distortion twists our thinking and deteriorates our well-being. In turn, we deteriorate our society and the environment.

The mission of this ECHN website is to empower each visitor to help nature remove the duality produced by the distorted tinting and warp in our glasses.  ECHN enables us to see and act from the clear truth of how we have been deceived and how nature's ways maintain our health and welfare. In addition, it gives us the ability to use nature's wellness and recycling powers to correct our misguided thoughts, feelings and spirituality.

"All chidren are born geniuses. 9,999 out of every 10,000 are swifly, inadvertently, degeniused by grown ups."

-Buckminster  Fuller

Nature is wise, but seldom literate. Unlike us, plants, animals and minerals neither hear, read, write nor tell stories with words and other symbols. In authentic nature, books, telephones and television are unknown.

Our words and stories are abstracts. They are shortcuts we use to know/label/identify the real natural world. For example, the word  "tree" and a real Tree are two entirely different things. The word "tree," as it appears on this screen, is a representation.  It does not need air, water, food, soil and supportive relationships to exist and it does not provide them for others. In contrast, a real tree cannot exist without these relationships. Similarly, we can't eat the written word "apple" and have it satisfy or nourish us. We also can't breathe a dollar bill.

We can consciously feel and respond to the intelligence of our natural sensation of thirst without knowing how to read, write or spell it.

"My fake flowers died because in my imagination I forgot to water them."

- Anonymous

Although only 10 percent of our mentality registers and relates to the world in literate-abstract ways, we are trained and attached to think, feel and act mostly through the words and symbols of literacy. This is un-whole and detrimental. Literacy consists of stories that simply describe, but also omit, the natural attraction ability of nature to work its restorative magic in non-literate ways. They don't include nature's ability to compost, recycle and transform our destructive ways into balanced relationships with the Web-of-Life and each other.

To our loss, our words are usually imaginary, exploitive or half-truth stories about the natural world. They are media, not reality. They seldom nurture our psyche with authentic nature's renewing powers because they are just words and stories. They are not nature's natural attraction eons of life-supportive relationships and self-correcting essence.

 Sensory vs Story Ways of Knowing and Relating

Nature designed almost 90 percent of our mentality to register and relate to the world through non-literate natural attraction sensitivities, as do all other members of the nature's plant, animal and mineral communities. Our sensory way of knowing is one that we biologically inherit. It is our unadulterated mind, a seamless continuum of nature's regenerative and purifying intelligence.  This sensate-feeling way of knowing is sometimes referred to as our "Mammalian" or "Horse" Brain," or the "Old Brain." It is the attraction/love that a dog or cat experiences, how they know and relate to the world, including us.

In contrast, only 10 percent of our natural mentality can know and think with abstract word and number stories or images. This is sometimes called our "Neocortex" or "New Brain."  

Some individuals define our New Brain literate thinking functions as "intelligence." This suggests that the beauty of the natural attraction, pre-literate, balanced and self-corrective life ways of the global web-of-life community and its eons is non-intelligent or "stupid." Is it really? If so, how does it produce its purity, paradise and unique perfection?  To date, our intelligence can't even produce milk.

Our nature-disconnected, abstract, New Brain stories seldom gratify or inform us in lasting and healing connectedness, as does the authentic Old Brain natural attraction way that nature works.

"I thank God for beginning this world with the seed of natural attraction and trusting the seed's self-organizing desire to grow attractive relationships."  

- Project NatureConnect Student (edited)

 Power in Non-Literacy

The essence of nature is the attraction flow of its conscious, satisfying and nurturing, non-literate, natural wisdom.

Wordlessly, the flow attractively supports, balances, and restores vigor and aliveness everywhere in every moment, as it has over the eons.  This is super-intelligent behavior if life in balance is important.

We often attach labels to nature's purifying flow: "Reiki," "Chi," "Love," "Tao," "Natural Attraction," "God."  However, it is the authentic restorative powers of nature's flow through our mind, body and psyche, not just our labels and stories, that renew, recycle and heal what ails us.

Life supports itself through wordless attraction relationships, not arguments or theories about these relationships. ENROLL NOW

My client had been in a motor vehicle accident and had multiple injuries that prevented her from getting out and about.  She was in chronic pain and was having severe anxiety attacks. 

There was a nice potted plant in her living room (I think it was a Dieffenbachia, but I'm not sure).  I described how we are in a mutually-supportive role with plants -- they provide us with oxygen and we provide them with CO2.  I suggested that when she was feeling anxious she should breathe with the plant, exchanging gasses and and recognize that they were being mutually supportive.  As she did so, I could see her visibly relaxing.  Within a few minutes she reported that her anxiety was gone and her pain was somewhat reduced. 

Over the next few weeks she successfully used this technique whenever she was anxious.  As her physical abilities improved she began spending time in the garden and then began gardening from her wheelchair.  Her anxiety was completely controlled without medication.

I don't know what she bonded to, but she developed a sense that the plant (and later her garden) was her friend and that they were in a mutually supportive relationship.  This feeling was able to help her overcome her anxiety."

John Scull, Ph.D. Neuropsychologist

"Through ECHN, the fictional, but balanced and restorative "Pandora-Na'vi" way of relating, as portrayed in
James Cameron's AVATAR film, is aproachable in reality."

Anonymous Program Participant

.Bonding to Bias

It is worth repeating that the immediate ways of nature's renewing natural attraction flow produce nature's optimums of life, diversity and balance.   It is worth repeating that the flow accomplishes this feat without producing garbage or pollution or our abusiveness, disorders, isolation and war.
We endure and produce great problems because, in early childhood, we addictively bond our natural attraction senses and thinking to the bias of our society's nature-conquering stories. At home and school we disconnect our psyche from the healing powers of nature's flow. Our thinking becomes addicted to distortions and we produce many problems.

We seldom learn, and often resist, how to let nature genuinely touch, no less embrace or recycle, the nature-disconnected, wounded, destructive and polluted ways that we often learn to think and feel.  REMEDY THIS DISCONNECTION

.A Powerful Antidote

The natural attraction process of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) helps us remedy our loss of nature's renewing grace in our senses, thinking and feeling. It enables us to scientifically discover, sense and feel who we are with respect to the whole of life and its wellness.

ECHN empowers us, moment by moment, to let conscious sensory contact with nature's purifying flow satisfy and strengthen our body, mind and spirit. It is an integral ecology, a natural attraction-based psychology that helps us enjoy our satisfactions in ways that satisfy and sustain all of the natural world while reversing fraud or corruption. It helps us increase our happiness reasonably, in a good way, meaning, "To the benefit of all."

The more that the unifying touch of nature helps us think and feel in balance, the more the world enjoys the peace of well-being."

- Michael J. Cohen

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Personally or globally, we can't change for the better if our thinking does not know how to release the emotional and sensory bonds that lastingly attach us to our nature-disconnected stories and the disturbing relationships they produce.
Enable yourself to establish balance, improve health and increase happiness by reducing our destructive attachments. Help nature help you remedy our wide range of personal, social and environmental disorders.

.Rewards from Reconnection

The Sensory ECHN Science of Organic, Whole Life Psychology Makes Sense

Our natural sense of taste is part of nature's old-brain wisdom. It is a natural attraction to eat certain foods.  In congress with our 53 other natural senses, including our sense of reason, taste intelligently conveys what and when something may be permissible to eat.

August 6, 2007: Researchers gave a group of 3-5 year old children two identical servings of many different kinds of food. The only difference between the two servings was that one was wrapped in a McDonald's wrapper, the other in a plain wrapper.

Overwhelmingly, the children said the identical food placed in the McDonalds' wrapper tasted better. Their psyche had been misled and corrupted. At this early age, their natural senses and sensibilities had already been prejudicially socialized by the money-making story and images conveyed on the McDonalds' wrapper.  That story, along with its questionable values and effects, had distorted and stressed the childrens' natural ability to think and feel appropriately with respect to their natural sense of taste.  Their healthy natural attachment to healthy food had been polluted and disturbed.  They were partly delusional. They had been robbed of part of their vital natural intelligence and its joy. One of their life attachments to the life of Organism Earth had been "McBurgered."

Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. BEGIN HERE

.SUMMARY: The Dance of Natural Intelligence

“I believe that the universe is one being, all its parts are different expressions of the same energy, and they are all in communication with each other, therefore parts of one organic whole. … The whole is in all its parts so beautiful, and is felt by me so intensely in earnest, that I am compelled to love it and to think of it as divine.”

-Robinson Jeffers

We are born as part of nature's organic grace and purifying flow.

Each of us are part of the non-literate attraction dance of nature. Each of us are the self-correcting and nurturing ways of the dance manifesting itself as us.

As previously mentioned, natural Attraction, Love, Chi, Spirit, Reiki, Quantum, Qigong and Tao are synonymous. Each is a different label for the same essence of nature's way.

For our survival in balance, the uncorrupt natural attraction energies of nature -the binding forces of the eons that hold the world together- continually flow through and about us. They register in us as 54 natural attraction senses. Each sense helps keep us alive and well by helping our thinking to find healthy natural fulfillment through natural attractions that we register.  Each may be a continuum of the ancient Big Bang and its Higgs Boson natural attraction essence to grow into the Universe, moment by moment.

As mentioned above, one of our 54 natural attraction senses is our sense of taste. Another is our sense of language, our literacy/story way of knowing the world.   Our additional 54 natural senses also include our natural attractions to reason, trust, water (thirst), place, community, color, beauty, consciousness, music, temperature, cooperation and love.

At any given moment, nature and we naturally consist of its eons of balanced and beautiful natural attraction optimums of life, diversity and cooperation.  Our 54 natural senses, when healthy, are attracted to, and register in our consciousness, the wide variety of mutually supportive natural attraction relationships that contribute to the universal welfare and richness of life in each moment. These qualities are an essence of natural areas, not of, for example, an automobile engine.

Too often, we learn to forget that natural attraction is the essence of love and our ability to love.

"Nature is the unseen intelligence that loved us into being."

-Elbert Hubbard

.Manipulated to Suffer

When our natural attraction senses are injured, distorted or missing, we can't register, be aware, or make good sense of the truth of the world and ourselves. We sense, instead, that we hurt, or that we are insecure and that we may be at risk. 

It is the nature-disconnected, irrational and manipulative parts of our industrial-story way of knowing, along with its excessive conquest of nature in and around us, that causes us to produce many troubles.  

The misleading or unwhole parts of our story world "McBurger" the wisdom of our natural dance and the ages. As previously mentioned, this does not just happen only with our sense of taste. Our other 53 natural senses also habitually learn to attach to, and support, Industrial Society's excessive drumbeat of profit, power and the conquest of nature and the natural. For this reason we suffer the all too common garbage/pollution, abusiveness, illness, excessiveness and disorders in and from Industrial Society.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. 

NOTE: Genuinely nature-connected people(s) seldom cause or display our disorders.

Reminder: This website offers a wide range of ECHN and NAE information. Our objective is to have you telephone us, customize the program for yourself and master the online Orientation Course.
Phone: 360-378-6313  . <>

.Misguided Socialization

Our wide range of personal and global problems result from our misguided socialization by Industrial Society. The unreasonable distortions in its nature-disconnecting and exploitive stories too often McBurger how we think, feel and sense.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

Motivated by prestige, conquest and monetary rewards, the contemporary world conditions us to separate from and excessively supervise nature throughout our lifetime. We are not encouraged to applaud our natural attractions to nature's intelligence, no less revere it or let it express its love for our natural selves.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

We have built our lives into a vicious cycle. Industrial Society's impact on our psyche erodes our thinking as it captures our natural senses and attaches them to nature conquering stories, artifacts and technologies. This removes our psyche from nature's restorative qualities. We become dependent on Industrial Society, the source of many problems, to heal them. Do you think this is sensible or sane?
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.
We experience the corruption of McLove, not naturally supportive, global, whole life community love. With many of our natural senses and sensibilities missing, our thinking is unable to sensibly deal with our most challenging personal, social and environmental dilemmas.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

.A Major Problem

Our problems are often non-sense. They result from the excessive disconnection from nature of our natural ability to make sense.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.
Our major problem is that our nature-inaccurate and nature-conquering stories secretly remove nature's restorative grace from our daily lives, thoughts and feelings.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.
Without realizing it, we often feel depressed or unworthy because the unifying dance of our natural vitality, integrity and sensibility has been reduced or incapacitated. We have excessively separated from nature's flowing intelligence and vitality. 
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

Our greatest troubles result from us being in denial. Industrial Society denys that, for profit, it encourages us to excessively and destructively conquer or exploit nature, in and around us, including our 54 natural attraction senses.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

Instead of helping us remedy our irresponsible disconnection from nature, Industrial Society encourages us to view our nature-separated lives as "Normal," "Progress,"  "Economic Growth," "Winning" or "Excellence," etc. This is non-sense with respect to living in mutually supportive balance with people and places of the whole of the world.  It is not attractive. It is not how nature works. It deteriorates life in balance.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

The immense loss of nature's beneficial ways and joy in our lives leaves us wanting, stressed and helpless. This turns us to destructive "fixes."  To try to correct this, almost 80 percent of us are in some kind of therapy.  However, almost 100 percent of the therapy available to us is disconnected from nature. Do you think this makes sense?
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.


In the "McDonald's Wrapper Study," cited above, a minority of 25 percent of the children retained their ability to clearly register that the food samples were identical.  In such clear-thinking individuals there is hope.

Project NatureConnect applied ecopsychology empowers any clear-thinking individual who recognizes, rather than denies, the destructiveness of our excessive nature-disconnection dilemma. It helps these individuals reverse their, and our, disorders by learning, using and teaching the renewing and substance-free process of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN).

Backyard or backcountry, ECHN enables caring individuals to beneficially enlist the assistance of nature's corrective and curative attractions and their powers, rather than continue to unreasonably disconnect from or conquer them. To this end, ECHN provides online training, degrees and financial support. BEGIN HERE 

ECHN helps you green any discipline, talent or profession and give it added value.

"Whenever we omit ECHN from our daily lives, we dangerously strengthen the root of our disorders. We must now learn how to help nature help us heal our psyche. That will enable us to think, feel and relate like the natural attraction beauty of nature's peace works."

You may, online, attain a low cost ECHN certificate or degree. It is subsidized to you for your sensible desire to make a contribution to well-being by adding the organic application of nature-connecting psychology (ECHN Applied Ecopsychology) to your livelihood or hobby.

"Due to brain injury in a cycling accident, Bart, a writer, could no longer write due to head pain. For years he suffered constant hurt that that did not respond to repeated surgical, chemical,  psychological and meditation treatment.

Bart sought alternatives on the Internet, discovered ECHN  and took an online ECHN class. He did the course's required nature connecting activities with a group of trees that attracted him in the center of his town. This heightened his natural 53-sense relationship with them, and with his online classmates, too. The ECHN experiences that they all shared by email enhanced the good feelings he experienced.

Through these interactions, nature's recuperative powers enabled Bart to renew many natural senses and energies, recycle his mental contaminates, and overcome his pain so that he could write again. He said the pain "had reduced and it had also transformed into pleasure."

Later, when the trees were to be removed for a development, Bart reasonably and passionately rallied the town to protest the tree's forthcoming demise. The townspeople saved the trees and became involved with ECHN." (see many similar results and outcomes)

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order."

- John Burroughs 

"Applied Ecopsychology reverses our disconnectedness by utilizing proven medical procedures. For example, good medical thinking and research have created surgical techniques that reattach an amputated arm back to the body. If reconnected properly, the arm will, in time, function normally. Part of this art is the surgical technology our clear thinking has devised to bring the arm back in proper contact with the body.

The remainder of the procedure, above, is trusting that once this reconnection is made, nature itself has the wisdom to heal the rupture and rejoin the arm and body as one integrated organism. We don't know how to do that healing, however nature does it continuously via its natural attraction ecological processes at sub-atomic and global levels. That is nature's way. Good medical thinking respects that nature has this extraordinary regenerative power. It taps into it. It surgically provides the proper environment and time for nature to heal, as only nature can. Applied Ecopsychology offers Organic Psychology activities that help us accomplish this with respect to our extremely nature-separated psyche, thinking and feeling, along with the disorders they create."

   - Akamai University Catalog


To our great loss, we deny that the nature-disconnected way we learn to think deteriorates our personal, social and environmental well-being.  

We deny that nature is the fountainhead of authority about how it works and the well-being of life in balance.

We deny that our thinking has been prejudiciously McBurgered to excessively separate from, and conquer, nature and its regenerative, natural attraction ways in and around us.

No matter our occupation or beliefs, the faster we admit that we are bonded to a harmful and unsatisfying natural attraction disconnection from nature, the faster we may learn and teach ECHN.  It is a remedy for our destructive bonding and for our denial of our detrimental estrangement from the natural.

Until proven otherwise,
since the beginning of time, all things, sub-atomics to the universe, including humanity's body, mind and spirit, have been held together and unified in pure, balanced integrity by nature's natural attraction dance. This means:
  • Everything is a dancer.
  • Whenever we excessively separate our thoughts, feelings or actions from the dance, we disrupt it and ourselves. This corruptive disconnection produces problems that the dance and we can't solve.

  • Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) is the art and science of creating point source moments that let the authentic dance reconnect us to itself.

  • No surprise, solutions that don't do what NAE helps us do produce additional personal, social and environmental problems.

Reminder: This website offers ECHN and NAE information. Its objective is to have you telephone us, customize the program for yourself and have your questions answered. You start your program by mastering our  online Orientation Course.
Phone: 360-378-6313  . <>


.Some Honest Questions

No offense intended, but if you reject the Conclusion, above, is it because it is incorrect, or is it because your multiple sensibilities and tastes have been McBurgered? Can you, or we, afford to practice the non-sense of our excessively nature-separated thinking and feeling just because it is considered "normal," "accepted" or "fundable" and gets us "good grades?"

Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

What McBurgering is your life dancing to?  Does the influence of fashion, fame, fortune, religion, commercialized music, high marks, prestige etc., leave you feeling unsatisfied, unreasonable or dependent? Does it seem like lasting, wise and supportive naturally attractive rewards are missing from your life or from the life of your community?
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

Do you sense that you feel dependent on flawed authorities and deceptive information?
Does your solution for a problem usually produce a new problem?
Do you sometimes feel that you are more of a "cultural object" rather than your true self?

Not to worry. You are neither inept nor crazy.

These results are to be expected when we excessively remove nature's sanity from our psyche. It is natural to suffer these symptoms. They painfully convey to us our profound loss of nature-contact and balance.  They try to attract us to discover and follow new restorative attractions in nature, natural attractions whose energies help our psyche recycle itself and heal so we may think, relate and trust more reasonably. 
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you achieve this end.

FOR THE RECORD: in Industrial Society, on average, less than twelve hours of our entire lifetime is spent consciously thinking, feeling or building relationships while we are in tune with the gratifying and sensory wisdom of nature's balance and beauty.

Many studies demonstrate that we suffer our troubles because, during 99.9% of our life, our thoughts and feelings are
disconnected from nature's naturally attractive, self-correcting and purifying ways.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

We usually suffer from natural sensory deprivation. It prevents us from fully making sense. We render ourselves unable to think like the "higher power" of nature's balanced perfection works even though we inherit this natural attraction ability at birth. Our nature deficit disorders undermine our life and the quality of life in balance as exemplified by our annihiliation of wolves.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

"To enjoy the powers and delights of the sense of sight is naturally attractive. If a person temporarily loses their sense of sight, nature strengthens their many other natural senses to compensate for this loss. This helps the blind individual continue to think and relate sensibly. In addition, when possible, and sometimes when medically supported, nature heals and restores the blind individual's sense of sight. ECHN enables us to help nature engage in this natural attraction restorative process for all our senses, to do so on our and its behalf. It invites nature to enter our thinking and do what it does best."

- Anonymous Program Evaluation

ECHN makes space for us to enjoy and benefit from conscious sensory contact with nature's flow, backyard or backcountry.  Engaging our thoughts in its process empowers us to lastingly heal our McBurgered senses and stories. This results in us naturally thinking, feeling and relating in wellness and cooperation with others and the environment.
This is how and why educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy personal, social and environmental problems.

.What to do

You can easily strengthen and improve your professional and personal life. If the synopsis, above, makes sense to you, you are eligible, now, to save much time and money. Simply respect your natural sensibilities and attractions. Learn and benefit from lessons and techniques that lastingly connect you and your psyche to nature's restorative flow rather than continue to remove you from it.

If you have ever had even one uplifting, attractive experience in nature, such as a quiet, renewing walk in the park, you know that connecting with nature works.  Have you learned to simply take this for granted and thereby ignore its potential to help you improve your life, your livelihood and our society's sustainability?

Take advantage of PNC career opportunities and subsidies. They help people revive their natural sensibilities and balance. Your best immediate route is to make an exploratory call to us at 360-378-6313. Then take our online, University accredited Orientation Course. Experience the demonstrated benefits of ECHN for yourself. After completing it, you may choose to continue in our online training and degree program.

Note that your successful completion of the Orientation Course is the only requirement for you to continue in the program.

BEGIN HERE to learn and apply all of our website information. You will learn it from the best possible teacher, from first hand experience that uses the process to teach the process.

For further information: call 360-378-6313 or visit these links, below, or scroll down this page or go to the website Table of Contents.


Reminder: This website offers complete ECHN and NAE information. Its objective is to have you telephone us, customize the program for yourself and have your questions answered. You then start by mastering our online Orientation Course.
Phone: 360-378-6313  . <>


"I loved this course! It brought me to a place I'd never been before and I go there again and again.  I am always amazed at the awe-inspiring sensibility from being engaged with nature in the way these activities help us be. I am so grateful for these natural attraction interactions. The means for being happy and feeling love that I discovered have stayed with me."

Summary: Our
online Orientation Course offers you experiences that help you:


-Discover how to increase your success and happiness by strengthening personal, social and environmental well being.

-Honor your prior training and life experience; we provide financial assistance and equivalence credit for it.

-Recognize that, due to a misguided way that we learn to think in Industrial Society, we and nature's global life community suffer the fraud and corrupt thinking found in many disorders.

-Address the loss of well-being that results from our thinking's excessive exploitation of natural systems and attraction energies, in and around us.

-Realize that the origin of our runaway disorders is Industrial Society's refusal to admit that it is unreasonably disconnected from nature.

-Note how our excessive conquering and exploitive relationship with nature's healing powers, in and around us, makes us dysfunctional and produces many disorders.

-Make a potent contribution to person and planet well-being. Be paid to learn and teach a green remedy for our destructive prejudice against nature and its hurtful effects.

-Gives you a simple problem solving tool that helps you connect your thinking and feeling with nature's wisdom.

-Explore how nature's web-of-life community has the attractive self-correcting ability to restore itself, be the injury a bulldozed landscape, a scraped knee or our stressed psyche.

-Observe how nature can't help us correct our disorders when our thinking is prejudicially socialized to disconnect us from nature's ability to help us.

-Become more aware that we are naturally born into, and part of, the global ecosystem life community, that our body, mind and soul are designed to be in natural attraction tune with, and nurtured by, the living earth throughout our lives...and vice-versa.

-Validate that to be part of any system, one has to be in communication with it and that 
to this end, we inherit from nature more than 50 natural senses.. For example, when in a natural area, our natural attraction sensations/senses of thirst, motion, trust, belonging, color, place, taste, music,
 temperature, beauty, consciousness and community are all natural system connections and communications that we beneficially experience.

-Know that we are naturally designed to consciously register our 53 natural senses

and thoughtfully balance our lives with nature through them.

-Be thankful that each natural sense helps us make greater sense; that each is an attraction to support life...a deep, inherent love of nature...a natural feeling and spirit.

-See that, to our loss, we learn to dismiss rather than to validate, honor and think with our natural senses, moment by moment.

-Be conscious that we suffer our greatest troubles because, on average, our society's unwarranted prejudice against nature has "McBurgured" and habituated us to disconnect over 98 percent of our time, thinking and senses from nature's renewing ways. This profound loss leaves us wanting.

-Note that when we want, there is never enough. This makes us feel that we are not enough. Our wanting spawns our greed, stress and lack of self-worth along with our excessiveness, abusiveness and fraudulence.

-Register that our denial of our prejudice against, and excessive disconnection from, nature's self-correcting web of life is our underlying problem.

-Reduce our destructive bias. We must reasonably learn and teach how to genuinely reconnect our thinking with the web of life. We must increase and strengthen our familiar, attractive, mutually-supportive connections with nature's restorative powers, in and around us, backyard or backcountry.

-Experience the beneficial outcomes of activities that help you genuinely connect with nature.

-Reduce our disconnection from nature's benefits. This program enables you, moment by moment, to authentically reconnect to our natural origins, to increasingly think, feel and relate in balance and beauty, like the dance of nature's perfection works, called by some the time of Aquarius

-Know how to prove that we need to reconnect.  Any good experience we have already had in nature -like a quiet "walk on the beach"- is the proof. Keep in mind that life in balance is the undeniable evidence and proof of itself.

"The orientation course was a validation of trust and stability.  I can still look out and see the paths taken, the wisdom to reach nature's center and ground ourselves in its energies.  I appreciate the natural attraction freedom to form the journeys that were taken. The smiles remain on the surface. Thank you for this!"

Project NatureConnect scientifically and spiritually empowers you to make your life and interests increase well-being by reducing our unreasonable bias against, and disconnection from, nature.  

Help your occupation further increase health and wellness.  Add peace, enjoyment and income to your work. 
No need to wait.  Heighten personal and professional satisfaction.  Call us at 360-378-6313

Benefit from online, Natural Attraction Ecology nature-connected courses, jobs, funding and degree programs.



How to most effectively use this web site for educating, counseling and healing with nature jobs, training, funding, careers, degrees and activities:

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The art and science on this web site is like an affectionate and tender supermarket of relevant and timely knowledge.

On these supportive web pages, as explained further below, you simply identify and select what is attractive, makes sense, and is of value to you. Then you place it in a "remember to explore this further" section of your mind, an imaginary "this truly makes sense" shopping cart.  Better still, write it down.

This web site immerses you in a wide range of real life information about human ecology and the organic application of ecopsychology and ecotherapy. If you use the site fully it will bring you to where you may feel excited, and perhaps a bit lost, due to the profound newness and benefits of this nature-connected way of knowing and relating. When this happens, congratulations!  Not to worry. This means you have used the site correctly and to its fullest. 

Additional Procedure:

1. First bookmark and read through this homepage, then follow its links of interest.

Always return to this page to find additional information and links when you desire them.

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This site's purpose and procedure is to help us help you benefit from online training experiences, jobs, accredited course work, certification or degree programs that enhance your personal or professional life via nature-connected experiential education. This helps you to become a more supportive citizen of the global web of life community and Industrial Society. BEGIN HERE

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.Website Contents
"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." 

- Barack Obama (Help him use ECHN to accomplish this goal)


Below is a suggested sequence to follow for this page and its prime links. Better still, you can scroll down the page to explore its entire contents in sequence.

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SPECIAL Portland State University accredited CEU courses online for nature-connected education counseling and human service clock hours.

Enrollment and Participation Page: BEGIN HERE 
Participate in Courses and Degree Programs online. This link involves you in natural area and online nature-contacts. They help you experience, first hand, most of the concepts presented on this homepage and its links.
Gain the expertise to reach your greatest potential. Master our core Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship online Orientation Course

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Read and/or re-publish reviewed articles: Journal of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology

We use Trust Based Learning and Funding: you schedule and pay for your program courses and/or degree only what you can afford and on a time schedule that fits your needs.


FOUND: A critical missing component in industrial society

At home school or work enjoy and teach the natural attraction, healing, nature-sensitivity online process of Organic Psychology. Help reverse our destructive prejudice against the web of life community.  We are part of this community, not superior to it.

Benefit from motivational psychology, the self-correcting and purifying ways of natural systems within and around us.

Add holistic sustainability and resilience to your personal and professional life.

Boost your energy and joy. Think and feel like nature's perfection works. Advance your professional and outdoor life.

Activate the 53 natural senses you inherit from nature to become more
- thoughtful, sensitive and likable,
- trustable, friendly and secure,
- helpful, confident and peaceful with people, places and things.

BENEFITS: Increase pleasure. Reduce depression. Transform the pollution of natural attraction in contemporary thinking into the happiness of constructive balanced relationships and meditation with the whole web of life.

Correct the falsehoods that painfully injure the wholesome attraction sensitivities of the natural within and around us.

Empower yourself with nature-connected community and conflict resolution techniques.

To provide and fund tools for open minded, multiple-intelligence thinking and feeling that help us reduce the detrimental effects of our excessive separation from, and exploitation of, nature's web of life.

: The mission of Project NatureConnect is to help the world increase personal, social and environmental well-being. We dedicate ourselves to teach our civilization how to create sensory nature-contact moments that enable individuals to think and feel with their hidden, but inherent, 54-sense earth wisdom.  To this end we research and offer the art of applying scientific activities and degree programs that help us make genuine, conscious, sensory contact with nature's essence, in and around us.

Our vision is to offer an educating, counseling and healing with nature process that awakens nature's purifying, natural attraction powers in the human psyche.  As people discover and connect with nature's amazing grace, unified, hand in hand, we walk our planet's organic path to wellness, balance and peace.

Reminder: This website offers complete ECHN and NAE information. Its objective is to have you telephone us, customize the program for yourself and have your questions answered. You then start by mastering our online Orientation Course.
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This web site contains portions of the books: Reconnecting With Nature, The Web of Life Imperative, and Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature  by Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

The books are texts for Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship, our online Orientation Course that is rooted in 47 years of living and learning with people and the equality of balanced relationships learned from direct sensory contact with natural areas.  

Our courses can be used as self-designed accredited electives for any degree program as well as to fulfill CEU or professional certification (clock hour) requirements for counselors or teachers. They include trust-based funding: you schedule and pay for your program courses and/or degree only what you can afford on a time table that fits your needs.

Please inquire about being paid for published reviews of our books, courses or this website.  We welcome financial or other types of donations.

BEGIN HERE and learn all this information from the best teacher...experience

The program of Project NatureConnect is subsidized and strengthens any endeavor or discipline. The major requirement for participation is your caring intention to learn how to increase personal, social and environmental well-being.









































































































































































































































































































"This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet. Let us resolve that we will not leave our children a world where the oceans rise and famine spreads and terrible storms devastate our lands."

- Barack Obama 
(Help him use ECHN to accomplish this goal)

A word to the naturally wise.....

Welcome, and thank you for your strong interest in advancing the well-being of all of life on Earth, including humanity.

Thank you, too, for recognizing that our individual and collective well being has deteriorated due to industrial society's insensitive and excessive conquest of nature, within and around us.

We have been socialized to think that we are superior to the the web of life when we are simply an equal part of it, and vice versa. Our thinking has learned to be unreasonably biased against nature and we seldom acknowledge this. This trespass underlies most of our disorders, great or small.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

On personal and political levels, our sense of reason demands that we make responsible changes to remedy this situation.

Any individual who has enjoyed a good experience with nature -- in backcountry forest or backyard garden...or at the beach...or on a park walk...or with their pet,...or in contact with the wind, sea or stars -- recognizes that, without the use of books, teachers or lessons, sensory attractions in nature renew us. We inherently enjoy and benefit from their ability to help us think and feel better. They momentarily increase our bliss and wellness, our abiity to reason with greater clarity. We more fully enjoy our true biological and psychological self in natural community, as did many Native Americans. 

To our profound loss, our "natural attraction self" usually lies buried and frustrated in us due to our excessive, nature-exploitive, socialization and disconnection from nature. This stresses us.  We are wanting, competitive and angry, seldom compassionate, when our natural senses are unfulfilled or aggravated.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

.Results from Connecting  

In the present tense, try to remember, for a few minutes, a good experience you have had in nature, one you would be attracted to repeat again because it was attractive. 

- Can you sense natural colors, sounds, aromas, textures or flavors that were part of the experience? 

- Do you feel comforting motions or attractive feelings of community, trust or place? 

- Do you feel enchanted, is this experience self-enhancing or spiritually pleasing? 

- It it supportive, peaceful or both? Does it reduce your stress? 

- Does it help you feel that you are part of a greater whole?

The above are some of the results that people have reported from remembering their attractive experiences in natural areas. Their direct contact with the web of life helped them escape their "industrial story-world" for a few moments and sense and feel the true natural being that they were born. They could drink-up and think with that truth. They became aware how their natural self and their dreams had been excessively stressed by Industrial Society's exploitation of nature within and around them. It helped them more completely answer the question "Who am I ?"

If you have ever had such experiences, or you would like to have them, you are eligible to enter and benefit from the program of Project NatureConnect.  

You may want to keep in mind that nature-centered people and societies seldom display or cause the problems of our nature-conquering "civilization." 

State of consciousness...

Are you aware that the contact of your psyche with the web of life increases well-being? Even bringing the, above, nature-connected memories to mind for a few minutes temporarily reduces your blood pressure. By helping you continually make conscious sensory contact with natural systems within and around you, the life long science of Organic Psychology enables you to continually reap the rewards of an environmentally supportive form of stress management and ecotherapy.

Too often we take our gratifying nature-connection gift and its wonderful powers for granted. We call it an escape from real life: recreation, not re-creation. However, biologically and spiritually, this gift is a momentous part of the person and community each of us is naturally born to be.


"Nature is doing her best each moment to make us well. Why, Nature is but another name for health."

"What we call wildness is a civilization other than our own."

"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads."

-Henry David Thoreau

.A Bucket of Sand  

Remember: we are born as part of nature's global life community and its purity yet, on average, over 98 percent of our time, thinking and feeling is out of touch with the self-correcting grace, balance and restorative powers of nature and the natural, in and around us.

This monumental disconnection of our psyche from our nurturing origins is similar to walking around with our head in a bucket of sand for all but ten hours of our entire life, on average.

Consider the state of the world. The destructive madness and disorders resulting from how our McBurgered "head in a bucket" makes us think, feel and relate, speaks for itself.  We have reached a point where those who try to correct this insanity and its discontents are seen as "environmentalists" or "nature freaks" or "fuzzy thinkers" of some kind, rather than individuals whose thoughts and feelings struggle to remain reasonable and balanced.  

We endure our troubles because most of us learn to accept that the way we suffer from this disconnection is "real life."
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

To our cost, in our industrial society, we are educated to believe it is "normal" for our thinking and feeling to be estranged from the benefits of nature's beauty and equilibrium.

The benefits of thinking while in hands-on, conscious, sensory contact with natural areas demonstrate that we bear our isolation and disorders because we are "bucketheads" and because we expertly train and elect "bucketheads."

Our lives are missing the powerful essence of whole life reasoning, natural sanity and peace of mind.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

Organic Psychology works because it enables those of us who are wise enough to understand our situation to learn how to genuinely reconnect our thinking to nature and teach others how to engage in this healing process. We personally and professionally help all members of Industrial Society connect to the worldwide purifying and supportive natural attraction ways of the web of life, backyard or backcountry. This produces beneficial outcomes that increase personal, social and environmental well-being.  As seen by their history since Josh Lieberman's 1931 Creative Camping book and program, the benefits have long been verified and improved.

Reminder: This website offers complete ECHN and NAE information. Its objective is to have you telephone us, customize the program for yourself and have your questions answered. You then start by mastering our online Orientation Course.
Phone: 360-378-6313  . <>


.Prejudice Against Nature

Unwittingly, due to a dangerous prejudicial falsehood that it promotes, industrial society socializes or otherwise indoctrinates us into excessive, nature-exploitive habits and attitudes.

Prej-u-dice n. an unreasonable pre-judging attitude or story that is, due to bonding, unusually resistant to rational influence.

We seldom change our destructive ways because, by age seven, we become bonded (McBurgered) to our nature-disconnected artificial materials and stories. They usually remain with us through adulthood, even though we can see that their side effects are often detrimental and erode well being in us and other natural beings.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

Truly reasonable individuals thoughtfully recognize that we are McBurgered and educated to become prejudiced against nature as well as not to admit that we are. This secret bias underlies most disorders within and around us.

Just as we once prejudicially gave no legal rights to slaves, we still give no legal rights to nature, including the web of life's inalienable right to its life and happiness. Its life includes our natural self, the attraction flow of natural systems and the happy fulfillment of their expression in and around us. We prejudicially demean them and their balancing wisdom. Is it any wonder that we suffer problems that we can seldom solve?

As an integral part of the web of life, is it surprising that we stress ourselves as we stress the web?

Online, at Project NatureConnect, social workers, counselors, teachers, parents, therapists and students together learn and teach nature-connecting activities that help us transform our into sustainable, balanced, constructive, environmentally sound relationships.

.Results From Omission  

Results from omitting conscious sensory contact with nature

Sadly, we endure our greed, depression and dysfunctions because the progression of our excessively nature-separated lives demeans and disconnects our mentality and our loving from the web of life. We lose the support of our inherent biological and spiritual wholeness.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

We are missing the mysterious illumination and kind humility that we share with our natural instincts, values and origins in the global life community and its genius. This profound loss causes our psyche to want, and when want there is never enough.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. 

We fail to recognize that the most trustable truth of our life is what we experience in each immediate moment of our life, in the "now" of life. However, we spend less than .0001 percent of the "now" with our thoughts and feelings consciously in contact with the innate way the web of life produces and sustains its balanced perfection in and around us, including within the life of our psyche. To counteract this loss, Project NatureConnect provides the means for us to, at will, effectively include nature, the real thing, backyard or backcountry, in the now of our life.

Normally, from infancy on, we learn to detach our sensual psyche and soul from the self-correcting life-spirit and support of natural systems and their flow. This rupture stops the streaming cycles of earth's natural systems and their regenerative powers through the life of our psyche. It breaks their vital circuit. The removal of their nurturance and vigor weakens our natural intelligence. It desensitizes how we think and feel, our self-esteem is reduced, our dreams frighten us, we become vulnerable. In turn, our best thinking unwillingly injures the world and its people.

Our lack of respect and reverence for the consistent and giving pulse of the web of life community underlies our discontents. This helps to explain our "crazy world," why it often feels like we are stressfully rolling down hill like a snowball that's heading for hell. With respect to our balanced origins and nature, including global warming, our thinking has become blocked and bewildered ("wilderness separated"). We seldom recognize that "wild," "natural life" and "god" are related and may be synonymous.

"I believe in God but I spell it Nature."

- Frank Lloyd Wright

.  Solutions

This website and it origins present nature-connecting social technologies, studies and biology adventures. From them you may learn and teach how to overcome the estrangement of our mind from natural systems, and the nature deficit disorders that result.

The removal of our thinking and feeling from nature's (Gaia's) self-correcting, whole (holy/sacred/divine) ways of community self-government and self-organization reduces our sanity, our humor, our fun and fitness. Our loss of contact with great spirit (the force) creates the quandary of our predicaments and our inability to fulfill our fondest dreams.

- The Web of Life Imperative


Life is evidence of itself. The scientific process of Project NatureConnect uses the self-evident truths of phenomenological experience in natural places as a means to produce practical solutions for our dilemmas. It works because it connects our thoughts and feelings with nature itself, the fountainhead of authority with respect to living in peaceful balance and purity on Earth.

Patient and persistent, we, together, in natural areas, learn how to invite nature to safely reconnect our thoughts and feelings back to their non-polluting perfection in the web of life. We honor this authoritative and decisive act of ours as the tipping or turning point that makes a difference.

"Our imaginative passion for reconnecting with nature helps us create sober character, fortitude and courage. We build for ourselves and the world a reliable, ecologically sound, personal and social security."

- Reconnecting With Nature


In Project NatureConnect, our classroom consists of creating moments that let Earth teach, moments that bring out its knowledge in us that we inherit but learn to suppress. Then, by email, we share that sensory understanding with classmates and counselors via the internet and we learn more, by email, from their nature-connected experiences that they email to us.

"Through these PNC courses I am beginning to sense many of the intelligences, truths and conscious knowings demonstrated by and through nature.  PNC is guiding me into registering a deeper connection and understanding of the natural attractions within our living planet and the depth and breathe of how truly interconnected and interdependent these attractions are, in and around me."

-Project NatureConnect Participant

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Engage in extraordinary online friendships, exciting training and sensible, whole life Organic Psychology degree programs that our society usually omits. Based on trust, these community-based programs help you improve your personal and professional life via an economical and accredited sensory distance learning process in organized or homeschooling and counseling situations.

"Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential." 

- Barack Obama
(Help him use ECHN to help us accomplish this goal)

Project NatureConnect's visionary funding program financially assists deserving individuals who are conscious of the history of our society's great discord and want to master the organic remedy for it that this web site offers. You simply add our Organic Psychology process to your present and prior life-experiences and/or training. It is a nature-connected application of ecopsychology.

Our program is subsidized because the unique art and science it offers is essential for increasing the well-being of individual and planet. After completing our online Orientation Course, you pay for your courses and/or degree only what you can afford on a time table that fits your needs.  A special $1000 training grant is available to appropriate professionals for completing this short online course so that they may help increase the well being of their clientele and the environment. Call 360-378-6313. 

Learn our quantum nature-connected education and counseling techniques that help you increase personal, social and environmental health.

Please inquire as to how we can help your personal and professional life strengthen well-being within and about you. 360-378-6313 email

For Peace,

Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.


"Project NatureConnect presents an accessible, simple, enjoyable and extremely powerful way that love for all life may heal the deep wounds that we suffer."

- Elisabeth Ryland, San Bernadino

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"Now, I am more sympathetic, self-sufficient and happy. I support the environment, and my health and friendships have improved; all this just from doing these thoughtful sensory activities with natural attractions that I discover in the park and then share with my Internet study group."

- Project NatureConnect Participant

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Rationale: The How and Why of Nature-Connected Education Counseling and Healing.

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Towards the Sustainable Health and Wellness of People, Careers and Places: Environmental Distance Learning With Nature.

Below appears one of thousands of journal entry quotes that convey unadulterated empirical evidence for your consideration.  It comes directly from the stress-reducing experience of a person whose thoughts and senses registered, first-hand, the outdoor events this entry describes:

"This nature-connecting activity helped me become aware of my attraction to the crescent moon as it hung over two hills near my home. Soon, its mellow glow, framed by peaks and trees, embraced me in a wordless, ancient primordial scene. Timeless power, peace and unity swept me up. I just wanted to stay in that state of awe, I felt in balance with all of reality. I was simply "BEING." No tension, no pressing goal, just truly belonging to the global life community. This natural attraction captured my stress laden pulse and seduced it to the rhythms of Earth. The sleeping disorder I have battled all my adult life dissolved in this restorative power. For the first time in decades, I gently fell asleep after dark and arose shortly after dawn. With elation, I celebrated the breakthrough and I thanked nature. I thanked the endearing activity, too. I'm attracted to it because it helps me reconnect with nature whenever I choose, and I can teach it to others."

- Project NatureConnect Participant

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

The rapture in this phenomenal outdoor journal quote goes against the public's stress-producing cultural bias to excessively discredit, exploit or conquer nature. Nature includes the self-correcting and purifying ways of natural systems, of "Gaia," our living planet and community that flows around and through us.

The quote conclusively demonstrates this extraordinary fact: the action of conscious sensory connection with natural systems helped the writer reduce his sleep disorder, increase his satisfaction and self-worth as well as deepen his respect for nature.  

As with this sleep disorder example, Project NatureConnect money-back guarantees that the outstanding nature-connected self-help coaching, wellness and counseling tools, activities and jobs offered on this website help you help yourself and others, by 32 percent or more, increase personal, professional and environmental well being. You will reduce puzzling disorders, dysfunction, trouble, conflict, stress, issues and dependencies. Your mind will cooperatively improve self-esteem and relationships in general; your meditations will help protect endangered species and natural systems.

"By interlacing our mind with nature, the science of Organic Psychology enables our thinking to tap into nature's grace, balance and regenerative processes. This helps us transform and recycle detrimental ways we think and feel.

Uniquely, we learn how to help the web of life decompose into fertile thoughts the garbage that destructive aspects of industrial society have dumped into our mentality and spirit.

Educating, counseling and healing with nature, backyard or backcountry, is trustable. It results in beneficial coaching and teaching that compassionately increases our personal, social and environmental health. IQ and other analytical tests show that this process is a potent, cost-free antidote and social work tool. We enjoy a smart, stress reducing euphoria, a thoughtful tranquility we normally miss in our excessively nature-separated lives."

- The Web of Life Imperative

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The Present Source of our Disorders: A Profound Distortion

"Truth is what stands the test of experience."

- Albert Einstein

"Any thoughtful feeling of attraction to nature that we experience while in a natural area is a truth of the ages."

- The Web of Life Imperative

"Over 80 percent of our social and medical problems result from  excessive stress. In addition, stress erodes our personal and environmental relationships. This reduces our hope and self-worth."

- The Web of Life Imperative

Do the observations, above, make sense to you?
Are they attractive?
..Application Information

"Most people know that we live on the surface of Planet Earth. But do we?"

- Reconnecting With Nature 

Today, we unnecessarily suffer dysfunction and pain because contemporary educators psychologists and health professionals unknowingly teach us an extremely dangerous distortion that disconnects us from nature's supportive and healing ways.

As children, from the time we first begin to talk we obtain adoring rewards (social approval, food, shelter, water, air, light, love, community, place, trust) that inextricably socialize us - that is, emotionally bond us during childhood- to  destructively excessive parts of industrial society and its leaders.

At an early age, like a bad habit, whenever we think or feel, what first comes to our mind is the McBurgered, conditioned, nature-disconnected, "exploit and profit" warp we have learned that shapes our thinking. We learn to register our excessive tendencies as being normal, progress and economic growth. 

As if we are looking through distorted eyeglasses, our leaders' distortion makes us perceive in ways that produce much stress and conflict. Their falsehood says that we live on the surface of Planet Earth while, from direct sensory experience, the wisdom of our deeper sensory selves instinctively knows full well that we don't.

Troubles arise when we learn to discount the truth and value of our personal senses and experience. In this case, our natural senses of color, motion, distance, consciousness, gravity, light, direction, texture and reason register that we live in the Earth, 300 miles below its atmosphere, beneath its air, clouds, rain, snow, tree tops and flying creatures above our head. Isn't this experience true for you? If so, why does it usually feel uneasy, foreign or strange to say "I live in the Earth" or "We/humanity live in, not on, the Earth? We are Earthlings."

We think and feel conflicted because, moment by moment, our false story separates our mind and heart from what we sense to be true. We learn to deny the truth we experience from direct, sensory contact with our nurturing origins in the grace and balance of the web of life and its renewing powers.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. BEGIN HERE

How can we truly know who we are in our natural relationship with life if the McBurgering bias of our story of who we are gently, but powerfully, misleads and exploits us?  

Our industrial lives are dancing to the tune of a malicious fiddler. We can see and feel how the dance hurts Earth and us. Our thinking has been unable to change this situation because our mentality and psyche remain bonded to misguided information from the fiddler. 


"Well-being always increases when our stories tell us the whole truth."

- Anonymous

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

When we learn to prejudicially think stories about life that undermine the attractive reality that we register when we experience nature's balance and beauty, our psyche becomes conflicted and misled. This conflict excessively stresses and harms us. We become disturbed. Worst of all, we may learn to think that this disturbance is a normal part of life, something like "God places us in our conflicts so that we can learn from the experience."
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

The momentous question that rocks us is this: do we simply live on the Earth, or is our mind, body and spirit in and part of Earth's web of life community?

This is monumental.

Earth is the biological origin and nurturing source of life as we know it here. Our Planet's nature is an essential unifying root of our thoughts, feelings and survival.

We become troubled and we create trouble when, from birth on, we are conflicted or misled about this relationship:

It makes our thoughts and feelings lose contact with who we really are and what and where we really are.

It makes us dependent upon the nature-disconnected and exploitive "McBurger" stories of Industrial Society that often cause, rather than resolve, problems.

Our discord about life, and our life, stresses the depth of our natural senses of place, trust, community and belonging as well as 49 additional natural senses. In Industrial Society, most of these senses may only express themselves in the safety of social work, counseling or therapy.

Our stressed natural senses undermine the delight and joy of our intact mind body and spirit. Stress erodes the integrity of whole social and environmental relationships.

It produces the discomforts of anxiety, depression and panic.

We feel ungrounded, uncentered vulnerable or abandoned.

We lose our natural negotiating skills and can't enjoy our true ecopsychological self.  

Too often, this is how we "normally" experience ourselves. 
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. BEGIN HERE

The person-planet clash in our thinking is secretly destructive. It troubles our natural senses and they deteriorate.  Confused and disoriented, we take this discord for granted because we see it all around us most of the time.

To reverse our troubles, from our place in the cosmos we need familiarity, strength and support, not stress.

To feel grounded, we need contact with the healing purity of nature's regenerative ways to help us solve the cancer of our runaway problems.

Our major problem is that due to our learned prejudice against nature, we deny that contemporary thinking and our teachers are almost entirely disconnected from the self-correcting power of nature's renewing energies.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. BEGIN HERE

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

Ecology and the Biosphere. 

The scientific fact of Ecology is that we are embedded in and nurtured by Earth's biosphere, a 20 mile band of life that sits above and below the land and ocean. We are as much a part of the biosphere as is any leaf, molecule or atom, any plant, animal, mineral or weather system.

The discovery of the biosphere in 1929, makes as great a contribution for good as did the finding by Copernicus, in 1536, that the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the solar system.

For the past 75 years science and society have recognized the biosphere and its cyclic systems as the central pulsating life community and ecology of Planet Earth.

"Life prepares its own environment"

- John Storer,
The Web of Life (1953)

The biosphere is a community. It consists of creation's self-organizing, cooperative integration of atmosphere, sunshine, ocean, soil, plants, animals, minerals and energy, a web of life attraction symbiosis that supports all of life (Gaia), including human life. It nurtures us as we nurture it. For this reason, for example, we are born as cat, dog and pet lovers, we are not trained through hypnotherapy or any other process to naturally love animals or life.

It is natural attraction, the love of life, that energizes and organizes how nature works. 

The essence of the biosphere and Earth is the pulsating flow of natural systems. They are driven by natural attractions to support life. 

Wherever or whenever that flow of ecology is stopped, life as we know it deteriorates or dies.

Many folks generalize the biosphere as being "star energies" or the "Universe." This "answer" can remove their thinking from the benefits and destiny they might otherwise enjoy by making conscious sensory contact with natural life and its web of life natural attractions, the real thing, backyard or backcountry.


"I did the activity that directs you to visit a natural area and thoughtfully learn to sense it and the natural attraction flow of its systems. You then try to determine where nature ends and you begin. I was surprised and grateful because in 20 minutes I discovered a new depth of who I really am and what has happened to me."

-Project NatureConnect Participant


"This home schooling activity helped me realize that even if I'm in a natural area but I'm thinking or talking about some rock band or the problems that face me in the classroom or with my boss or my girlfriend, I'm not fully connecting with my natural attractions and nature."

-Project NatureConnect Participant


Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE


Natural systems and their flow are self-correcting and purifying. They recycle and renew the natural deterioration of themselves and every molecule on earth. For this reason, nature rarely creates abuse. It seldom produces garbage, pollution or the destructive stress and pain of our aggravated relationships.

Moment by moment, the pulse of natural systems and their natural attraction power flows through all of life. This includes the life of our mind and spirit, of our thoughts feelings and perceptions.

Natural attractions are a prime commonality and unifier that we share with all people, places and things, past and present. Perhaps originating in the Higgs Boson, this commonality includes what we hold in common with spiritual leaders like Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha.

Most artificial substitutes for natural systems exclude the natural unifying energies and organic healing ways of natural attractions. This omission leaves our thinking to unknowingly produce our conflicts, discomforts, moods or deterioration, sooner or later.

Our whole life health and happiness ultimately depend upon the streaming pulse of natural systems through us. But because of the prejudicial distortion in our leaders' biosphere-detached thinking, in the name of "progress" "profit" or "economic growth" our socialization teaches us to excessively separate ourselves from, exploit and conquer nature and its attractions, as if they are harmful.

What we do to nature, we do to ourselves as part of nature. We become stressed consumers instead of responsible and happy life-community citizens.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. 

REMINDER: To our loss, on average, throughout our lives we learn to disconnect 98 percent of our time, thinking and feeling from conscious sensory attraction contact with nature and its systems.

Our extreme exploitation of and disconnection from natural systems stops their beneficial flow through our psyche. The loss of their natural attraction vibrancy wounds our psyche. It numbs our thinking and feeling. It erodes our trust and our sense that we naturally belong or have value.

Our pain and numbing desensitization results in the excessive disagreements, violence, abuse, stress, hurt, disorders wants and addictions that mark our lives.

We are troubled because something is missing.

We don't know or relate to the ways of nature, in and around us, as balanced attraction-love life relationships, as do other natural beings.

We seldom embrace natural things as relatives, attractions, loves or spirit kinships. For example, the organism that we call a "tree," "board-feet" or "potential profit," nature-centered people(s) might call "treeing," "tree spirit,"
"friend" or "relation."

Natural folks are socialized to validate their innate attractions to Earth, to trust Mother Earth as a true mother, not as a dead third rock from the sun. We can't afford to overlook that these folks seldom cause the troubles we produce.  Many of them have no word in their language for pollution, garbage or waste. Everything belongs.

"At root, ecology is an erotic attitude of closeness, relatedness and care. We have made it into a rational/activist project and lost sight of its heart."

- Thomas Moore

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE 

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Disjointed Origins of Contemporary Thinking and Feeling. 

To be part of a system, a thing must somehow be in communication with that system, otherwise it unknowingly trespasses it.

We are part of nature and its systems. Our excessive disconnection from them prevents them from registering in our thinking so, to our loss, we trespass them within and around us.

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE


We may best begin to address our natural attraction disconnection troubles by understanding their origins:

The fossil record demonstrates that creation, biologically, culturally and spiritually evolved humanity in the tropical environment of Africa. In that naturally attractive "Eden like" womb of the biosphere, warmth and food were consistently available because seasonal changes were minimal.

Natural People: As ancient humanity migrated into areas with dramatically changing seasons, most cultures socialized themselves with stories that said: "We must seek, register and respect the attractive and ever changing sensory signals from this place and our love for it. We must respect how its signals help us feel and think in a good way. The Great Spirit of Mother Nature will help us survive by sensuously communicating her fluctuations to us so that we may act appropriately and supportively."

Natural survival depended upon expertly sustaining emotional sensitivity and gratitude to life-supportive sensory-emotive communications from natural attraction and the flow of natural systems. For example: when a certain flower turned blue it attracted a natural person's sense of color and signaled this was the time the salmon were running, that food was available or that seeds should be planted.

Tropicmakers: The ancient groups that originated contemporary culture socialized themselves to a different story. It said: "To survive throughout the seasons, we must create artificial tropic-simulating 'closets.' By living in these imitations of the tropics, we may protect ourselves from nature's changes and enjoy a constant warmth and food supply, as if we were in a tropical area. Our survival does not depend upon thinking that includes attraction signals from our natural senses and feelings while in contact with nature. Rather, it depends upon our leaders' creativity and intelligence to develop 'tropic-making' techniques/technologies."

Our society programs our natural attractions, thinking and perceptions to be prejudiced against nature and, to be attracted to artificial tropic-like substitutes.

We learn to use natural sensitivities and systems in people and places as resources. We learn to love and support our leaders and their ability to produce imitations of tropical life. They can artificially and creatively replace the tropic's natural warmth, food supply, medicine, food storage, entertainment, recreation and transportation that we need for our survival and happiness."

Today, we are increasingly disconnected from the beneficial sensory pulse and resonations of natural systems. The tropicmaking thinking of contemporary people has fixated or addicted us to excessive sensory rewards from nature-exploitive stories, technologies, profit, power and prestige that often act as a form of terrorism against natural systems.

Tropicmaking also addicts us to tranquilizing the emotionally-abusive discomfort created by these nature-disconnected substitutes and their adverse side-effects on us, as well as on the environment.

It is reasonable to recognize that we seldom improve personal or global peace and well being because we are secretly socialized to fight an undeclared war against nature within and about us. To destroy our own life-support system is a form of insanity. It underlies the stress and madness of contemporary life.

Insight from our 53 natural attraction senses and feelings have little value in our tropical-imitation indoor world. We learn to train, subdue or conquer them rather than support them. Too often, to produce a profit, we learn to think and feel like we are cultural objects rather than as contributing sensitive members of Earth's life community.

As tropicmakers, constant blessings from imaginative distant-God stories and/or technologies often replace the joy and other supportive rewards we would ordinarily receive from the recuperative flow of natural systems in our immediate environment. We also lose the value of expressing our inborn, community-building gratitude to nature and our natural attraction love for the natural life-spirit that we find in people, places and things.

Tropicmakers often experience the natural to be "flaky, fuzzy, environmentalism, fearful, emotional, unscientific or taboo."

The key to contemporary survival has become nature-disconnected thinking and its controlling stories that often stress our senses and loves. That process deteriorates well-being.

Unfortunately, as our fixation to these stories supports excessive technologies, profits and industrial growth, they increase our disorders. This occurs because disconnected stories further deteriorate our natural systems and the common natural attraction sense they give us.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. BEGIN HERE

Delusion: During the first six years of childhood we socialize (McBurger) youngsters to change from their birth as natural beings into fledgling tropicmakers. Our tropicmaking socialization leads us to believe that the disconnection of our thinking and feeling from its attraction to nature's grace and restorative powers is progress, that it is benign and that it does not underlie the discomforting falsehoods, emotional imbalance, psychic wounds and isolated lifestyles that stress us.

It is not possible to amputate away the loves or ecstasy of an organism and not have that organism suffer and want. The organism senses that something valuable about it is missing. It never has enough. Without the tranquilization of its discomfort, it always wants more, if nothing else, more tranquilizers.

This is especially true when the organism we amputate is us and what we amputate away is our inherent natural love of life and our planet.

Our tropicmaking mentality today is like a computer that has foolishly unplugged itself from its energy sources. Without its sources, the computer is stupid. It is unable to discover what's wrong or compute how to re-plug itself. Our excessive disconnection of our thinking from nature's balanced natural attraction ways is doing the same thing to our psyche.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

Restoration: Once we recognize the tropicmaking source of our dysfunctions, the story of how to remedy them becomes apparent: "Learn to use a tool that helps you replace what's missing. The tool helps you genuinely plug your thinking and feeling into the natural attraction vibrancy and wisdom of natural systems. Restore their attractive flow in and through your body mind and spirit. Enjoy the safe, lasting satisfaction and renewal this provides. If you don't do this, your psyche will more severely express its hurt and wanting sooner or later, for it builds up."

"We are dysfunctional socially and environmentally because we are cut off and isolated from the world of nature and the natural."

-Albert Gore (edited)
Vice President, USA
Author, Earth in the Balance

The positive process along with the specific outcomes and general outcomes of genuinely reconnecting our thinking with natural systems speak for themselves. Some people consider the process and its results to be a contemporary form of Shamanism or Pantheism.

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

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. How Organics Help Things Change

We seldom have the ability to change our socialization by industrial society for it is an accepted form of addiction or brainwashing. We can, however, sensibly choose to bypass its limits and trespasses and increase well being by using tools that connect our thinking with the transformative and recycling powers of natural attractions and systems. Over time, this new habit we develop helps how we think and feel change for the better.

The Natural System Thinking Process in Organic Psychology says:

"Make sense by learning how to respect and resonate with the flow of nature's natural attraction pulse rather than by excessively controlling it or fortressing yourself from it.

Delight in the rewards that come from direct sensory connections with the energetic spirit and love of life in natural systems and areas, rather than from stagnant indoor substitutes for it that have harmful side effects.

As part of family, dating or singles life, learn to connect directly with nature's life-spirit in natural areas, backyard or backcountry. It sustainably helps you convert the stress that erodes your well-being, into good feelings. This results because sensory connections to nature trigger the release of chemicals like Dopamine and Oxytocin as well as help you develop supportive personal and environmental relationships you trust and enjoy. You sense and feel that you and others belong to something worthwhile because you do.

Recognize that tropicmaking science limits our thinking by omitting the validity of natural sensory knowing. For example, tropicmaking does not include the natural attraction sense of thirst as a fact that is as real as water or as part of the global water system, of the water cycle, or as one of the "five senses." Omissions like this disconnect our thinking about thirst from the purifying water cycle, from nature's sensory grace, balance and recuperative ways.

Thirst is an intelligent sensory attraction. It informs us when we need water so we bring water into us and benefit. Our thirst also turns off to signal us that we have enough water. Similarly, our sense of excretion tells us to contribute our excessive water as food and water for the welfare of other members of the global life community. At least 51 additional natural sensory attraction-loves serve this same supportive purpose with regard to personal and global well being. This includes sensations of fear, pain, anxiety, depression, death, dying and grief. They signal that something important is missing and that we must seek it.

We excessively suffer because the way we learn to think, feel and relate is too often non-sense. We use only 10% of the natural sensory wisdom we inherit as part of nature. This leads us to foolishly applaud our excessive conquest of natural systems, in and around us.

Learning to genuinely reconnect with nature, the real thing, helps us reverse this dilemma. For example, it helps us with dieting and weight loss as we satisfy ourselves with sensory fulfilling food instead of excessive eating.


"Personal transformation is best cultivated by partnering with the supreme agent of change, the Earth. Life is change, and nature is the wizard who enlivens its magic cycles."

- Philip Sutton Chard

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

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Overcoming Personal, Social and Environmental Disorders

As described above, Organic Psychology helps us reverse our tropicmaking disorders by giving us the tools to help natural systems and their fulfilling benefits once again flow through and register in our psyche. It is a process that enables us to preempt or bypass the false and destructive aspects of our socialization and our learned prejudice against nature. It empowers us to directly reconnect our disconnected and wounded thoughts and feelings with the essence of our origins in natural systems and their healing ways. This re-connection gives us the ability to:

Override or transform hurtful nature-disconnecting ways and childhood distortions that we learn in industrial society.

Become more intelligent as we benefit from first-hand contact with the truth and regenerative powers of natural systems and the eons.

Build relationships based on immediate trustable attractions to natural systems in and around us that we hold in common, rather than to stories that divide us.

Increase personal and environmental well-being by thinking and feeling with nature rather than against it.

The core of our troubles is that, since Aristotle and before, our most powerful leaders, thinkers and teachers have been rewarded while they are/were victims of our culture's nature-conquering ways. As a result, while we are infants, our leaders prejudicially bond us to the same disconnecting half-truth labels and stories that they have been conditioned to believe. As if brainwashed, we emotionally attach to a way of thinking and relating that restricts, distorts and demeans natural systems. It estranges us from them and the flow of their beneficial pulse.

Out of habit, our ingrained life science story rejects the supportive attraction flow of natural systems in our psyche. Our biased thinking stops that beneficial flow.

The deteriorating state of natural systems suggests that we learn to fight a prejudiced undeclared war against them. How else can we explain that at the same time that the biosphere and its natural systems were discovered 75 years ago, so were Scotch tape, the jet engine, the EEG, the condom and Monopoly? Why, other than prejudice, have the latter thrived while the health of natural systems has dangerously declined.

Don't we suffer because we conquer and exploit, rather than think, feel and relate in support of natural attractions and their gifts for well-being? Have we not become ecozombies or "bucket heads" to a greater or lesser extent?

Organic Psychology gives us a trustworthy antidote and preventative for our nature-disconnection problem. We can use its activities to make thoughtful sensory contact with the transformative powers of natural attractions and experience an elation and wisdom that our socialized thinking ordinarily omits. We can add this process to our personal and professional lives. Its benefits speak for themselves.

"It's great. Mike Cohen is right to make the responsibility for living on good terms with Gaia a personal one."

- Dr. James Lovelock,
Author, Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE


John Dewey noted, "We only begin to think when confronted by a problem." Confront yourself. Confront our leaders. Most of them have learned to become ecozombies. If they don't correct their biosphere and natural attraction lies and support nature-connected learning and healing, refuse to support them until they do. If you don't confront them, who will make them think further? We must stop supporting leaders who don't know what to do about an essence of our problems.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this situation.

"Illegitimus non carborundum"

- Joe Stillwell,
Four-Star American General

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE


Reminder: This website offers complete ECHN and NAE information. Its objective is to have you telephone us, customize the program for yourself and have your questions answered. You then start by mastering our online Orientation Course.
Phone: 360-378-6313  . <>

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. Our Challenge for Sustainable Well-Being

Consider the two significant 20th century observations that, among many others, help us improve our personal and global wellness.

"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE


"Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people."

- Albert Einstein

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE


Industrial society's greatest problem is that its logic often teaches us to betray the natural psychic pulse, the pulsating natural attraction wave and flow of our life-spirit.
Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem.

We are born as part of nature's perfection and integrity. But, as previously mentioned, we learn to spend over 98% of our lives and thinking separated from nature's ongoing support of our mind, psyche and spirit. That support is readily available in natural areas, backyard or backcountry, whenever we use Organic Psychology sensory tools to help us access it.

We suffer our dysfunctions because our immediate material and economic rewards habituate us to a cultural and spiritual bias against nature and the natural.

Today we are additionally stressed by our uncontrolled stupidity. We exploit and conquer natural systems while fully aware that they are key to our survival and to our recovery from disorders. This way of thinking and acting is nonsense. Fortunately, the antidote for it, Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature, is readily available and is important enough to be subsidized. Anyone can learn and use it.  BEGIN HERE


Act Now: funded education counseling and healing with nature internships online ecopsychology degrees, courses and jobs. Email for information or call 360-378-6313

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. Summary: The Effects of Psychic Pain

Nature's absence in our lives leaves a wanting, hurting hole in our psyche, and when we want, there is never enough. For example, in our society, no matter how rich or poor a person is, it is normal for them to feel they need about 15 percent more money. To feel good about themselves they must out-compete, or win, over others, over natural systems and their flow in and around us..

Our induced, insatiable wants produce our vulnerability to detrimental temptations and weakened resilience. This destructively stresses us. It has become a national epidemic. As mentioned, 75-90 percent of our primary care medical advice and treatment is related to stress disorders.

We can't resist society's unwhole and taxing demands and lures. These include the salary we receive for excessively doing unhappy jobs directed by leaders who massage us to exploit natural systems and their flow.

Disconnected from the natural peace and satisfactions provided by the ways of natural attractions, our thoughts and feelings often lose their inherent life wisdom. Then they cannot adequately help us address the detrimental expectations placed on us by others or by misguided parts of our thinking. As we discover this it often produces "mid life crisis."

Too often we forget that nature has the profound ability to heal itself, be the injury a bulldozed landscape, a scraped knee or an emotional hurt. However, nature seldom helps us correct our dysfunctions or improve our wellness when we disconnect our time, thinking and feeling from nature's ability to do this.

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

Send for participation instructions

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.Destructive Normalcy 

Sadly, in our excessively nature-separated society, we are often taught to believe that our strong attraction to nature's perfection, its enchanting peace, nurturing, beauty, cooperation and sanity indicates that something is wrong with us. We learn to think that we are escapists, strange or different "hippie," "environmentalist" "earth muffin" "flakes." This is hurtful and false. Our attractions to nature are actually intact remains of natural systems within our consciousness.

Natural attractions that we experience are often fortuitous fitness residues that have struggled to survive our excessive exploitation of nature.

The surviving natural parts of ourselves may be stressed, but they are resilient and trustable. They refuse to be converted, to be further separated from nature, to be conquered or undermined. They will not submit to the competitive madness of our society and its detrimental ways. Instead, at risk, the hurt in these natural attractions trys to teach us to find nature's peace. They emotionally signal our consciousness to protect, seek and promote contact with the nurturing and restorative powers of our biological and spiritual origins in natural systems. This includes the natural powers and integrity that remains alive in our family, neighbors and other supportive individuals.

Project NatureConnect dedicates itself to providing financial and technical education assistance that helps frustrated natural attractions and systems in us reconnect with their nurturing origins. To this end, PNC provides an online activity or two to help you become more aware of natural attractions and natural systems' flow.
Send for participation instructions

On this web site you will find many teachable Organic Psychology self-help and other tools that assist us to meet our nature-disconnected challenges in a good way ("good" meaning supportive of the whole). They have value because Organic Psychology enables generations of us to personally and professionally benefit through co-creation with natural systems in any area of endeavor, rather than through additional exploitation of these systems.

"This program helps us plant the last Truffula seed from the Lorax in the fields of education, psychology and health."

-Project NatureConnect Participant

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

Send for participation instructions

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. Natural Wisdom

Organic Psychology is for those of us who are naturally wise enough to neither trust nor depend upon the nature-disconnected processes of industrial society that cause our problems, to help us remedy these same problems. For us, it makes sense to confront this detrimental way of thinking and transform it with recuperative assistance from natural systems. We enable ourselves to make destructive parts of our personal and collective lives subside.

Over 85 percent of industrial society seeks help, or uses self-help, for their natural attraction discontents on some level. However, therapies and education we use that are not organic seldom solve our problems. Instead, they move our problems to another time place and context where we, our neighbors or our children will face them in even more destructive forms because we have reinforced them, rather than recycled them into cooperative relationships and well-being. By using nature-connected education counseling and healing, any ardent person can easily break this habit.


"A solid approach that applies the same consistent attitudes to living with people as it does to living with nature."

- Environmental Education Report.

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

Choose to act now: funded education counseling and healing with nature jobs; online Ecopsychology degrees,courses and internships. Email for information or call 360-378-6313

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. Society and Individuals in Denial

Our core challenge for improving our well-being is to recognize that our thinking is often in denial:

  • We deny that the biosphere-detached way we learn to think produces personal, social and environmental dysfunctions, including global warming and prejudice against nature and the natural.
    Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. BEGIN HERE
  • We deny that we psychologically condition or addict to familiar stories, technologies and relationships. We won't admit that they habitually separate our mind and spirit from thoughtful connections to nature's balance, peace and sane renewing energies.
    Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. BEGIN HERE
  • We deny that beneficial sensory tools are readily available to help our thinking and psyche more fully tap into nature's energizing beauty and healing ways.
    Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. BEGIN HERE
  • We deny that connecting our consciousness with authentic natural attractions and systems helps us change our discontents into constructive relationships.
    Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. BEGIN HERE
  • We deny that our natural reasoning, senses and feelings, like plants and animals or the wind hills and stars, are natural attractions in action.
    Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. BEGIN HERE
  • We deny that the life-sustaining sensitivities of natural attractions are all that we hold in common with each other and the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms...that the loss of these sensitivities in our thinking produces our greatest troubles.
    Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. BEGIN HERE
  • We deny that we personally need assistance in dealing with our loss of nature, that this is all fine and good for "others," but not ourselves, that Industrial society did not influence our natural ability to make sense in a good way.
    Educating, counseling and healing with nature helps you remedy this problem. BEGIN HERE
    Send for participation instructions


"Any clear-thinking person can profit from today's most important and rewarding jobs, careers and training. They can enter or promote sustainable livelihoods by adding organic psychology education, counseling or healing with nature activities to them. They help our polluted thinking get out of the nature-disconnected closet that is polluting it. This helps us stop global warming, the fever we have given our living planet.

We can each make a difference. No surprise, the rewards of most education, psychologies and therapies in our nature-exploitive society tend to further exploit nature. In contrast, the rewards of Organic Psychology increase our well-being and the health of the environment, too. You can add it to any relationship, therapy or profession."

-Project NatureConnect Participant

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

Act Now: funded education counseling and healing with nature online Ecopsychology degrees, courses, jobs and internships. Email for information or call 360-378-6313

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.Coming to Our Senses 

This website's nature-connected thinking tools strengthen our ability to benefit from, and to protect, the unifying ways of natural attractions. Here, we discover how to more fully belong, to find the sanity of nature's peace within and about us; we enhance our intelligence and spirit; this contributes to saner living.

"Our religion keeps reminding us that we aren't just will and thoughts. We're also sand and wind and thunder and rain and the seasons. All those things. You learn to respect everything because you are everything. If you respect yourself, you respect all things."

- Least Heat Moon

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE


The flow, swirls and eddies of a river are part of and exemplify the streaming of the biosphere. This similarity challenges the tropicmaking ways of most science because science gathers its best evidence under standard laboratory conditions of temperature, pressure, motion and light. But nature's life-pulse in/of the river constantly fluctuates. It has no standard conditions, they would stop the river's natural attraction pulse.

Our addiction to power, status and money drives us to pay objective scientists to produce standard conditions and controls, such as dams and death-producing pollution. They degrade a river's life-flow. Like a hypnosis that produces global warming, such science is not objective. It is directed and financed by tropicmaking goal-setting, greed and values to satisfy our unfulfilled wants. We must add to it a whole life sensory inquiry where things like the biosphere, water and the sensation of thirst are equally regarded as important natural attraction facts, facts of life.

How and when will we, with enthusiasm, come to our senses, our natural attraction senses, our inherent ability think and feel with the flow of natural systems, to co-create with nature? Organic Psychology offers a trustable art and science to help us achieve this goal and increase well-being.

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE


Act Now: funded education counseling and healing with nature internships online ecopsychology degrees, courses and jobs. Email for information or call 360-378-6313

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"Our greatest problems result from the difference between the way we think and how nature works"

- Gregory Bateson

Does the observation, above, make sense to you?
Is it attractive?


Project NatureConnect:

Confronts and breaks through our denial that we are addicted to technologies, relationships and stories that have stress-producing destructive effects. It offers us innovative organic tools to help us tap our thinking into nature's restorative ways.
Send for participation instructions

Guarantees that the nature-connecting accredited processes it offers are readily available online to help us, backyard or backcountry, come into a supportive balance with ourselves, each other and the environment.
Send for participation instructions

Shows that we uniquely benefit from adding this website's easily learned Organic Psychology method and nature jobs to our lives and livelihoods.
Send for participation instructions

Demonstrates that the heart-desired science of this site's Natural System Thinking Process enables us to restore our deteriorated natural consciousness and resilience. This helps us reduce dysfunctions and disorders in ourselves, others and the environment. We enjoy the ability to increase peaceful and rewarding well-being, within and around us.
Send for participation instructions

Documents that what we need for a healthy sustainable tomorrow is simply for more of us today to learn how to use and teach accredited outdoor sensory tools, tools that help us tap into nature's wellness powers. It is our disconnection from these natural attraction powers that sustains our major problems.

"This is not a reading experience, it's a hologram. It is communicating through talking leaves, something of what whales communicate to each are there."

- Robin E. Lagemann, Indigenous People's activist.

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

Reminder: This website offers complete ECHN and NAE information. Its objective is to have you telephone us, customize the program for yourself and have your questions answered. You then start by mastering our online Orientation Course.
Phone: 360-378-6313  . <>


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.Program Advantages

The advantage of Project NatureConnect's distance
learning program

Via the Internet, Project NatureConnect uses the simplicity and convenience of rewarding, free nature-reconnecting activities in local natural areas, backyard or backcountry. It helps us learn how to inexpensively apply practical, accredited, counseling, education and self-help healing tools, degree programs and conference agendas.

  • Local learning relieves us of the excessive time, costs, lodging, risk, unfamiliarity, rip offs, stress and transportation resources (along with their adverse environmental impact) to travel elsewhere for training.
    Send for participation instructions

  • In the online Organic Psychology process, local success, resources, natural attractions, people and experiences remain familiar, friendly and easily available to us when we need them again.
    Send for participation instructions

  • We daily help sustain local and immediate natural systems within and around us and others and they, in turn, help us sustain and increase our well-being.
    Send for participation instructions
  • Via email, we learn and relate more honestly because we are not limited by concerns about how others think we look, dress or sound or by being overwhelmed by bullying personalities or insensitivities of others in our group. We learn to build relationships by helping the natural systems in us interact with our attractions to the natural systems in our online classmates and the natural areas in their location on the planet, attractions that we hold in common.
    Send for participation instructions
  • Entering this astonishing program links us, by email, to the support, work and experience of all the program's participants, graduates and faculty, locally and internationally. As an online cooperative, we mentor, guide and support each other when we, by email or phone, request assistance. In time, we establish this kind of supportive community where we live, too.
    Send for participation instructions


"Its impact lies in the fact that the author has lived its wisdom of these past twenty years... I have learned first had that its theories prove themselves in the fruition that its education delivers. It offers the medicine that disillusioned humanity and the endangered environment needs."

- Herb AlF, Ed.D. President, Environment Talent Inquiry and Development

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE


Act Now: funded healing education and counseling with nature online; Ecopsychology degrees, courses, jobs and internships. Email for information or call 360-378-6313

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.Sustaining Holistic Integrity

Sustaining holistic personal and global integrity

"I recently participated in a hurried, almost stressful health and wellness training program for people whose differences kept them arguing amongst themselves. They had little interest or time to hear an explanation from me about the unifying and healing benefits of our reconnecting with nature process and they therefore decided to omit it from their agenda. "The trees and rocks are not the problem, they are not dysfunctional, they don't have abusive chemical or interpersonal dependencies, they don't commit crimes or have learning disabilities" they said.

In the midst of this hubbub, a young bird flew into the meeting room through the door. It could not find its way outdoors.

Without a word, the behind-schedule, argumentative meeting screeched to a halt. Deep natural attraction feelings for life and hope filled each person for the moment. For ten minutes that frightened, desperate little bird triggered those seventy people to harmoniously, supportively organize and unify with each other to safely help it find its way back home, outdoors. Yet when they accomplished this feat, they cheered their role, not the role of the bird. They felt like heroes for the moment and congratulated their humanity for its wisdom and compassion.

In their story of the incident, the role and impact of the bird went unnoticed while they cheered the human spirit.

The group returned to the hubbub and conflicts of the meeting, as if nothing special had happened. They completely overlooked that the bird had united them while it was there, something they could not do without its presence. Similarly, we who learn to consciously invite nature into our lives and embrace us enjoy the grace of its natural attractions. They help us overcome our stress and conflicts by uniting our mind body and spirit with our balanced and restorative origins in nature's flowing community within and around us. As a result, we increase our appreciation and love for natural attractions and their healing ways. This natural system connection motivates us to further support and protect all of life."

From Reconnecting With Nature
by M. J. Cohen

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE


"The activity attracted me to lie in the water beneath that sky of reddish and orange colors, with the sun rising more powerfully than I've ever seen it before. And there I was, all alone in the pond, but at the same time feeling totally held by the outdoor moment. I knew this is where I belonged. I felt a powerful energy being given to me by everything around me. I had a feeling in my throat that made me feel like crying and shouting with joy at the same time; and also a sense of peace, like everything was telling me "It's all right, it's all good."

My sense of isolation, this sense of loneliness, of being abandoned, of having the world against us is a common feeling. But how could a person be lonely when they could feel as part of a pond or see themselves in a lovely flower, in the trees and animals, and in other people? Think of all the lonely people who have no idea that we are so connected to nature.

We are truly not alone but only disconnected from our natural state. I used to be so depressed and now when I feel it come on me I think about how connected I have become to all things. I am less and less depressed now. Imagine if everyone could experience this outdoor connection. It would become a different world."

- Project NatureConnect Participant

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

What Harvard University doesn't teach you:

"I felt the connection the first time that I tried to connect with nature and it becomes easier each time that I try to reconnect. In 1998, I was on a humanitarian medical mission to Haiti. I contracted St Louis Encephalitis during that mission and have suffered from migraine headaches since that time. Lately after starting my studies, when I get a headache, I just go outside and connect with nature. I calm down, I get a feeling of completeness and my headache resolves in minutes."

- Project NatureConnect Participant

Does the observation, above, make sense to you?
Is it attractive?

Post your own good experiences with nature on our blog site



Act Now: education counseling and healing with nature online funded Ecopsychology degrees, courses, jobs and internships. Email for information or call 360-378-6313


"This program offers an environmentally sound, educational process that reduces apathy, catalyzes peace and promotes mental health. It fulfills our personal and economic needs, deeper ideals and spirit; it deserves the attention of every person who seeks to reverse our troubles."

Dr. Robert Muller
Assistant Secretary General Emeritus of the United Nations.
- Recipient of the Albert Schweitzer Peace Prize and UNESCO prize for peace.
- Chancellor of the University for Peace, United Nations.

Does the observation, above, make sense to you? Is it attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

Send for participation instructions

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Benefit from making nature a stronger part of your life

Enjoy a powerful alternative book or online course that helps your mind walk nature's path to simpler living and greater sanity.
Send for participation instructions

As a hobby or profession, produce financially and emotionally rewarding nature-connected jobs, social environmental and political relationships, stress reduction and livelihoods.
Send for participation instructions

Project NatureConnect offers subsidized, online distance learning holistic Ph.D., M.S., and B.A. degrees, courses, grants, scholarships, jobs, books, training and internships for sustainable health and wellness.
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"The activities work, they move students. I see significant improvement in their self-esteem and value. They find something outside themselves that is actually a truth within themselves."

- Mark Walsh, Director of Wilderness Therapy, Hyde Psychiatric Hospital

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE



"I wept as I sensed the unity of nature and myself. Honoring my nature experiences energizes and restores me. It enables me to more effectively help others recover. As these unique nature activities make me more whole (holy), my sense of self becomes more alive and active. The activities feel safe, they stimulate me. They free me to let go, to be in the moment. As I co-create with nature's rejuvenating processes, my life becomes more fun, balanced and joy-filled. These learning moments enable anybody to touch nature and enjoy its embrace."

- Project NatureConnect Participant

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE


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The challenge that Project NatureConnect addresses:

"Oh, what a catastrophe, what a maiming of love when it was made personal, merely personal feeling! This is what is the matter with us: we are bleeding at the roots, because we are cut off from the earth and sun and stars. Love is a grinning mockery because, poor blossom, we plucked it from its stem on the Tree of Life and expected it to keep on blooming in our civilized vase on the table."

- D.H. Lawrence


Do you have or want to have a working knowledge of what "cuts us off" and how to overcome it?

"Thousands of tired, nerve shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity."

- John Muir , 1901 A.D.



"The Web of Life Imperative offers more tools, knowledge and personal power for good than most therapies and spiritualities. It enables us to reverse our destructive relationships by empowering us to make thoughtful sensory connections with genuine nature. This connection responsibly satisfies the aching, ever-wanting hole in our psyche that has been produced by our excessive separation from nature, a hole that leads us astray."

- Susan Chernak McElroy,
Award winning, N. Y. Times best selling author of Animals as Teachers and Healers and Heart in the Wild.


Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE

Act Now:
funded education counseling and healing with nature online Ecopsychology degrees, internships, courses and jobs. Email for information or call 360-378-6313

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Program Founder and Director:

Recipient of the 1994 Distinguished World Citizen Award, Ecopsychologist Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D. is a Director of the Institute of Global Education, where he coordinates its Integrated Ecology Department and Project NatureConnect. He also serves on the faculty of Portland State University and Akamai University. Dr. Cohen has founded sensory environmental education outdoor programs independently and for the National Audubon Society and Lesley University (AEI), conceived the 1985 National Audubon Conference "Is the Earth a Living Organism," and is an award winning author of The Web of Life Imperative, Reconnecting With Nature, Einstein's World, How Nature Works and Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature He is an accomplished folk song artist and contra dancer who presents traditional music programs for the U.S. National Park Service and Elderhostel on San Juan Island, Washington.

360-378-6313, Pacific Time Zone

See the DVD about Dr.Cohen 
Naturally Attracted: Connecting With Michael J. Cohen

Read Dr. Cohen's latest book Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature This Ph.D. disseration  defines and defends Natural Attraction Ecology.

All programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book The Web of Life Imperative.
Send for participation instructions

"Mike Cohen is a crackerjack teacher. What counts is that his words help us do what we must do to save ourselves and Gaia."

- Pete Seeger

Do the observations, above, make sense to you? Are they attractive? Call 360-378-6313. BEGIN HERE



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Grant-funded, alternative courses, career training and holistic jobs and degree programs online for sustainable personal and environmental health.

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SPECIAL Portland State University accredited CEU courses online for nature-connected education counseling and human services.



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